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Have Dogs affected your ride in a negative way?

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    Votes: 15 62.5%
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    Votes: 9 37.5%

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Big cycling scissors mounted outboard and ahead, for snipping retractable leads.
Pedals engineered to fire cocktail sausages sideways
Telescopic night stick frame pump (@Drago could be persuaded to contribute to design for a small fee)


Any dog or animal that gets in your way, and causes you to slow down (or sometimes speed up) is a negative affect.
But such cases in 50+ years of cycling have been minimal, so the negative aspect is also minimal.

But when talks of dogs & cyclists come up, I always remember Peter Buckley


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Never had much of a problem with dogs, pedestrians walking out in front of me and drivers yes, perhaps dogs have a higher IQ than some pedestrians and drivers or at least concentrate more?


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The only dog that causes problems when I cycle is my own dog because she has no manners and cuts me up all the time, same problem when I walk or jog with her too though.
She never goes near other cyclists though as I taught her to move over for joggers and cyclists due to the fact I live on the river and it’s a busy towpath near my mooring.
Maybe a big stick is the best tool, to educate poor dog owners that don’t train their dogs properly?


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Problem is some young people under the age of 20 or so will hear it and may even find it painful.
Your post didn't make sense till I removed the word problem. :popcorn:
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