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Juan Sebastien Molano (UAE Team Emirates) has been removed from the Giro by his own team because of 'unusual physiological readings' - he's Columbian and this sounds a bit like Henao's case - and they seem to be taking a similar approach to what Sky did with Henao.
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Still rife in South America but good that the UCI are able to catch the cheating bastards
We wuz robbed!

Juan José Amador refuses to accept positive test as Manzana Postobon stick by rider


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UK based team "supposedly" not implicated in Austrian blood doping investigation. Something's not right. Clearly a blatant cover up. I just googled for pictures of Dave Brailsford in lederhosen and all the pictures seem to have been mysteriously censored.

The truth is out there.
Maybe the UK teams pay the UCI and WADA enough money to left alone and manipulate the press.
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