Decathlon data breach


Decathlon, the high-end sports retailer with stores in 49 countries around the world, has suffered a data breach spilling a total of 123 million records - including completely unencrypted passwords.

The breach was discovered on 12 February, with the company notified four days later.

Change your password regularly folks :smile:


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Glad I pay cash when I use them.


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Original source seems to be

Decathlon Spain confirmed. The authors suggest it may also affect UK data but don't say what they base that on. No credit card info. More info on employees than customers.

One hopes that Decathlon has invalidated the passwords of anyone affected, so the main risk will be to anyone who used their email password as their Decathlon password (despite all the warnings never to repeat passwords) because then a thief can not only regain access to Decathlon but probably to many other services which do password-reset emails.
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