Decathlon cycles.


Like most big chain stores, they sell bog-standard bikes at bog-standard prices.
All the way from BSO's to reasonably good bikes.
If that's what you're looking for and you'll be happy with that, then it's fine to shop there.

If you want something more non-standard.
Be it ultra low gears, ultra lightweight, etc, etc.
If you have a clear idea what you're after then I'd probably look in a bike shop.

Luck ......... ^_^


Thank you all for the replies.
I had decided on a Decathlon medium price carbon frame modle...............the problem none , in stock my size ( XL )
They are not sure when new stocks will arrive.
I'm not sure if I am prepared to Waite.
Best regards to all.
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Norven Mankey
I've got two Decathlon Btwin bikes. Both towards the upper end of their range (so retail is £1300-2000). When you look at the specification, they achieve a price point that other retailers generally can't match. They are huge so have huge buying power

If you're not bothered about branding and want very good value bikes, Decathlon is hard to beat. To give you an example, I bought a bike for £1500. The wheels retail for £550, the groupset is £600. The saddle alone is £100. You get a lot of bike for the money


Couldn’t be happier with my Rockrider 540, bought it new for £329 18 months ago, was £50 off for the previous years model. I fitted a comfier saddle and mudguards, which made it a much more useable bike from my point of view.
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Professional layabout
Popped into a new branch today, right next to the shopping mall, so rude not to really. As I walked down to the bike section, in the distance I could see bikes folded and tucked away in a series of cubbyholes, and my immediate thought was blimey - they're selling Brommies here now! Anyways, a closer inspection showed it was only B'Twins being marketed in a similar manner. Wonder if Brompton have copyrighted this method of presentation, and if so will they be up in arms when they find out. Food for thought eh.
Also noticed an empty Brommie box on ebay the other day for a measly tenner - the cheek of it! The one I saw a couple of weeks earlier started at more respectful 25 quid. Do folk not realise the damage this can do to Brompton's reputation - blatant cheapening of their good name if you ask me :becool:

Cones on wheels done up too tight on the 2 I've had, they class it as a 'wear and tear' item so won't replace under warranty. Invest in a set of cone wrenches and set them correctly when you buy the bike. Also pack them with grease as they're a bit stingy with it from the factory. That goes for headsets too if you have the time to fettle the bike.


Check out the reviews, the Triban road bikes get regular good scores for a 'first road bike'. You get what you pay for typically and whilst these are 'budget' bikes, the kit (for the little I know) is good enough, solid enough. Is it the best? No. Does it have brand desire? No. I look at them like Skodas. Regular reviewed as 'Best [family] car' or whatever, but the badge still puts people off.

I am very happy with my Triban RC120 Disc road bike. I had been riding a 2012 Hybrid which will still do a job, but as a foray into road bikes I thought I'd go with this. I don't know enough to know if the wheels are 'bad' as some are suggesting but happy to find that out in my own time.

Good luck with the stock, if you have a store near you, go in often. Don't rely on the website. I happened to stop by with my partner (for other reasons) and wander past and they had an XL model right there, last one in the store! (hadn't planned on the RC120, but as it was there I decide what the heck).
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