Dawes Double Blue 1960/70s

Tony Cooper

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Due to changing circumstances regretfully I have to dispose of my Dawes Double Blue 1960's/early 70s. It was a present from my son ten years ago and is in excellent condition for its age with an odometer. I would be grateful for some idea of its sale value. Photos can be provided.
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eBay seems to suggest up to around £100.

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After you've put up a few more messages you can post a pic(s). Or you can post a link to photos sharing site instead.
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I have a 60's Dawes Double Blue . They were the top of the range in Dawes line up before they brought in the Galaxy .​
The tubing varied ,some were Reynolds 531 , some were Accles and Pollock .​
Why not aim high , you can always bring the price down if you don't get any bids . They aren't very common and depending on condition I would try starting around £250 - £300.​
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