Cyclist headbutts pedestrian.


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North Baddesley
And a bit farther down the page also in London today a car driver does a runner after hitting a cyclist and the public had to lift the car up so they could pull the cyclist out, welcome to broken Britain


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That looks like the lights were red, as the black car was stopped and there were others crossing also, making me think the cyclist flew through a red light.

Its sad to see these sort of incidents but, sadly, they are common place in our daily lives. Common sense, a bit of consideration for others is generally lost on people in this day and age.
It's hard to see which way the green light is pointing but on the basis that other cars had stopped I'd say the pedestrian had right of way. I'm a pro helmet person but I'm glad the cyclist wasn't wearing one as he will be easier to identify

Chris S

You can actually see his face, anybody who knows him will recognize him.

Most of the damage seems to come from the shove, the headbutt was mainly a distraction technique
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It was on the lunchtime London news. They said he went through a red light, and headbutted the bloke who needed stitches,

What an utter daffodil


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Similar happened to us at the hands of a cyclist in Twickenham, who changed lanes, gave us a punishment pass and swore at us. No wonder the public hates cyclists.


Blimey, nine posts in and no one has said it was the pedestrian's fault :blink:
Why is that so surprising. People on here are programmed to say pedestrian is right, anyone else is wrong based on the poor-wee-vulnerable-road-user-can't-possibly-be-wrong everyone else should look out for me because I can't be bothered to use a bit of mental effort to employ some spatial awareness attitude :rolleyes:. Not so long ago a smart-phone-dumb-user paying no attention (as is normal) stepped out into the road in front of a cyclist and got hit, the cyclist was successfully sued for a large sum of money, I wouldn't be surprised if everyone on here was having orgasms condemming the cyclist and sucking up to the pedestrian, a victory for carelessness with externalised costs.


Some bloke that likes cycling alone
Sickening. But really that man would be a tosser with or without a bike.

Surely as its in London the police can track CCTV back/forward to work out either his place of work or the area he lives?

This needs sharing on as many different forums as possible, so hopefully he will hand himself in.
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