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Hello all,

I am a cycling enthusiast like you, I am currently in the process of building a cycling blog in which the overall topic will be cycling, with the intention of making it a cycling community, a place where cyclists can go and discuss the topics on the posts in the comments...etc.
My question to you is, what do you/would you look for when looking at cycling blogs?
I want to make this blog amazing and I want readers to love coming here and sharing it so what would you guys like to see the blog be like?

thank you


If you look at some of the sub-forums on here, you will realise how diverse we are - racing, touring, commuting, trikes, tandems, fixed, gears, single speed, old riders, beginners.

I imagine it will be very difficult to be a general blog as all topics will not interest everybody. Likewise if you target a specific groups, it will only be that group that will be interested.

Cycle chat has been going a long time and has many loyal followers, it will be difficult to start something new unless you have a good USP.

I wish you luck.


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Not all cycling is done on two wheels though. I've used one wheel up to 29, but the main part of my cycling has been on 2, 3 & 4 wheels.

The three and four wheels being more utility cycling, for fun, with loads that can't be carried on your average bike. Will you be including utility cycling or excluding it?

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My question to you is, what do you/would you look for when looking at cycling blogs?

thank you
I'm not a blog fan more a magazine fan in all my hobbies so for me readly is a boon,my money mag spend has gone from about £45 a month to 7.99

Not exactly a blog but the magazine I most look forward to arriving and reading is "cycle" the Cycle UK (former CTC) bimonthly. A bunch of short articles about diverse cycling subjects.

I suppose the conversation and tangents here on cyclechat make me come back again and again, I've learned thinks here I never thought I would and probably never need to know. The depth of knowledge humour and human kindness is often surprising.

Those closest think I come to reading a blog is probably DCRainmakers page and then it's to find out what I need then shoot off.

Just stay away from videos. The world seems obsessed with bloody videos which in my opinion are massively inefficient and I generally skip past them.


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As noted above "cycling" is an extremely broad area of sport, exercise, recreation, utility, therapy, transport, travel and so on, using various numbers of wheels ...

Concentrate on what you know and specialise in that. Have the humility to recognise that your area of cycling (whatever it may be) is just a small component of cycling as a whole, and that very many cyclists do things differently to you and that their approach is just as valid. Do not dismiss people for doing it wrong if they don't fall into your way of doing things. Don't pretend to be an expert, because you probably aren't. But do share what and how you've learned.

What do I personally look for in cycling blogs? When I read them I'm probably researching a particular topic like "how I bodged a bracket to hold accessory X on my bike" or maybe "my experience of riding such-and-such a route/audax/event". To be honest I'm not a huge fan of blogs so I'm probably not your target audience.
why are you planning on creating such a site?

Is it that you have genuinely unique content that you want to create and share or are you after lots of income from advertising? :-)

Have you considered how much time it will take, writing a decent article will probably take a couple of hours plus each and once you open a comments section/forum you will find it full of advertising and automated junk posts as well as many human written posts that are junk and devalue your site.

Getting a cycle related site to appear anywhere useful in Google/Bing is going to be difficult especially if you have no experience with this sort of thing.

So if you want to commit to it full time then maybe you can create a useful site otherwise is will be mostly filler and after coming once or twice most visitors won't want to spend the time coming back to find nothing.

If you look at GCN with all their resources they seem to have run out of things to say.

Good luck if you do start it up.
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