Cycling a narrow lane, do you wait and let the Tractor pass ?

Am I the only one that could hear the last blue tractor yelling 'wait for me'. :laugh:


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The rider handled that well, and most of the salt-of-the-earth farmer types gave a nod of thanks.

The road was wide enough that some less cautious riders would have carried on, but one slip and you end up under a tractor so not a terribly good idea.

The thread title should read 'Moderately sensible cyclist meets moderately polite tractor drivers and encounter passes without incident'.


Compared with some of the Kent lanes, that was quite wide. You could easily have carried on, but it was such an interesting parade of tractors, that I would have been happy to wait.


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Generally, yes, though that depends on how much space there is. I've even turned around and ridden back 100 yards to a gateway when I came across a tractor that really filled the road.

But in your case, while I would probably have stopped to watch, there was actually plenty of room to pass without stopping, unless the video is rather deceptive.


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If I'm riding and going downhill or relatively flat I will pull over for a tractor or pretty much anything to pass.

The lanes round here are narrow, and you don't want to wobble into a brambly hedge.

If I'm tractorising I will nearly always pull over for a cyclist, unless I'm about to turn in.

I'm rarely in that much of a rush.

But the contractors are up against every minute.
From an economic, client, and weather POV.

My tractors are relatively modest by modern standards.

I agree the big beasts are wayy too big for most little lanes.

But farming has been mostly pushed that way, by many factors.

These guys look like they are on their way to, or from sort of old timers rally.


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I would have stopped to watch them anyway. Now if they'd been powered by steam....Not so good if you're in a hurry though. Width of the road is hard to judge with a wide angle lens. Those guys were probably not in too much of a hurry -tractor rallyists probably so pretty relaxed.


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I don't know if the road goes narrower ahead, but I would have carried on as at that point it seemed plenty wide enough. Plus, if it does narrow up even further, I cannot think of a better vehicle that can drive in the margins at the edge of the road.


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I would have stopped to watch
One advantage of stopping to pull over if that you can choose where to stop - if you try to carry on and then have to stop anyway then you end up stopping by necessity - which could be in a pothole of in a spiky hedge:eek:

Great to see them all!
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