CycleChatters' Cafe Recommendation Thread

Big John

The Village Bakery in Brewood - highly recommended for us cyclists. Brewood is midway between Wolverhampton & Stafford. As well as a selection of their own cakes they do baguettes and savories. I usually get my drinks bottle filled with tea and a monstrous piece of bread pudding or chocolate fudge cake all for under £2. Lovely folks behind the counter. No bike ride for me is complete without a cake stop :okay:
MARSHES TEA HUB Avalon Marshes Westhay somerset

Sweets tea rooms Blake way somerset

Double-Gate tea rooms Godney somerset


Gro Coffee, Harbour St, Irvine. Right at the end of the harbour, almost the last building. Very close to NCN7

Excellent coffee. Morning & afternoon menu is sandwiches, breakfasts, etc etc. And fantastic cakes.
From 4pm onwards, the menu changes to pizza/burger etc.

Bike friendly - there’s a garden area at the back, and you can take bikes in there. If the gate is locked, give them a shout through the front door and they’ll open it. Covered outdoor seating at the back.

But here’s the bit that made me recommend it today. Like all cafes in central scotland during this current lockdown period, it’s only open as a cafe until 6pm. At that point the tables close, and it’s take-away only.
But this month, between 6pm and 9pm , all take-away coffee, tea, hot chocolate is FREE. All they ask is that you put a donation in the jar on the counter, which goes to mental health charities. Pay for cakes etc as normal.

When I was in tonight, it looks like there have been some very generous donations.

And the coffee and cake was good :-)


Free Wheel North in Glasgow now have two cafes.
One at the White House on Maryhill road, Lock 21on the Forth and Clyde canal .
The other is at their track in Glasgow Green.
Along from the People's Palace , opposite the Templeton building.

Of course they are bike friendly


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Ludlow cafe? What's the food like? I ask because the small town of Ludlow in Shropshire after which it is possibly/probably named is said to be something of a foodie's paradise.
Ludlow is basically a ghost town now it was a rail road town in the 1920's or so. Not much has been there since that time. The food is OK and it's an authentic American diner as opposed to a big corporate chain.
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