Covid Cycling survey


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Done. Good survey in that it was short. I frequently give up if they go on for a few pages (some of the ones I get at work would likely take ages if I ever persisted with them!)


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Now, if you could combine a proximity detector with a set of bicycle indicators then I'm definitely interested. cough.

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Who needs a proximity detector, I've got eyes.
I can't see the point of a proximity detector for cyclists. We are moving and so not in close proximity to someone else except a cycling companion for long enough for it to be a problem. I do however commend your ingenuity.

I tend to keep in mind with these sorts of school projects it tends not to be the end or the product but the journey that is important.

For one of mine I did a set of dynamo powered lights that were maintained in so much as they stayed on for a good few mins when you stopped moving.

Other kids did curtain closing mechs when it went dark and coded locks, egg timers and listening devices/ amplifier's.


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I'm doing an A level engineering project on how Covid has affected cycling. Any response to the survey below would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Well, I completed it, but you need to seriously revise your questionnaire. You say that your project is about how Covid has affected cycling, but your questionnaire is about a proximity sensor of questionable value, and is not related to Covid in any way.

If you look at other posts on here you will see that well thought out projects get us to respond well. Some of us don't mind helping students out with their research, but I doubt you will get any meaningful data from your questionnaire.

It has an inherent bias that assumes that anyone completing it would want some sort of proximity sensor for anyone closer than 2m.
Secondly have you actually measured 2m and considered whether that would be useful? If I am travelling at 10mph i am travelling 4.5 metres per second. So by the time the "sensor" has alerted me, I have presumably crashed or been crashed into.

For me, this piece of coursework is an F at the moment I'm afraid.
There are so many things you could have looked into which would tie into your title. Have journeys become easier. Are they still easier / safer? Have traffic volumes changed perceptibly for the cyclist...

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If you’ve seen a group of cyclists riding closer than 2m apart. It’s because they know each other, are riding as a group, and decided to ignore the social distancing requirement.

If I’m riding on my own and someone is less than 2 metres behind me. If I’m shredding virus, it is the rider behind who has the problem. If they are shredding virus I’m staying ahead of it in the airflow.

If someone is less than 2 metres ahead of me then essentially I’ve either caught them up and will soon pass, they’ve just passed me and will soon be further away, or they’ve overtaken and slowed down in which case I have a number of options to increase the distance again.

None of these need a proximity sensor and the exposure times are minimal, other than the first group that has decided to take the risk.
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