Converting drop to flat bar?


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I own a Trek Checkpoint AL3 which comes with drop handlebars. I have a torn rotator cuff (injured 6 months ago) and find it quite uncomfortable using drop bar. Is it possible to convert this bike to a flat bar? If so, what would I expect to pay for a conversion. I run 2x9 Shimano Sora components currently. Any thoughts will be appreciated. Mark
Cost me about £60 to convert the wifes specialized, tiagra brake levers, Tourney grip shifters, pretty easy really.


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It's been done on a Checkpoint, there are videos on YouTube (eg). ALR3 is cable discs, so that's less bother than hydros would be. But bear in mind you'll need new bars, stem, shifters…

I've never suffered such an injury, but are you sure that the drops are part of the problem? Might something less drastic (like a riser stem) work as well or better? I'd definitely consult professional opinion- both medical and cycling- before proceeding. It could be as simple as a fit adjustment.


It’s a really easy conversion, I would suggest replacing the stem as well so then it’s really easy to swap it all back again.

2x9 MTB shifters are cheap as chips, so it won’t cost much to do.


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Just realised Checkpoint is hydraulic discs, wifes was rim brakes so an easier conversion?
Mechanical not Hydraulic if it’s this one (don’t think there are any Sora hydraulic brifters)

i went the other way with a road bike and it was far too small even with a long stem, you may find it too big after converting, which also won’t be good for shoulder or elbows. I’d confirm that the bars are the issue, shouldn’t be much different riding on the tops. Add some cross lever brakes so you’re not stretching to the levers.
Are you having physio? Ask their advice…or waiting on surgery? In which case you won’t be riding anything much afterwards for a few months!
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Be easy enough, you'll need Sora trigger shifters and the matching brake levers if you want to keep it all Shimano. Parts are BL-R3000 and SL-R3000 for brakes and shifters respectively, not sure if those links are for both left and right or single sided, you may want to check.

Also you'll need bars and grips at minimum to replace those you have now.
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Please give it a bit longer with the drops. Drops give more varied positions than flats and the normal riding position is hands on the brake hoods, which should be very similar to the position with flat bars.


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What part of riding on the drop bars is uncomfy ?
Might be a cheap and simple fix like shorter/flip stem and bike fit could make it ok without resorting to an expensive change


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well I can easily match that on my flat bars with various bar ends (not including nonchalantly behind my back whistling a merry tune)
that said maybe some slight modification to the reach/drop that can be done cheaper than buying a whole new flat/ shifter set up which although may have the same number of positions i think its up to the OP to decide if they want to go flat for a solution that can be done without major modification ?.


This is said a lot - care to say how many positions you have on drops sharky?
Three main positions. Drops, tops and hoods.
Three doesn't really explain it. On tops, you have varied and gradual options from the straight, round the bends and onto the hoods. You can hold the bars palms down or palms vertical. Such changes help to relieve pressure on the wrists.
The reach difference from the straight, to the tips of the brake hoods is more than just bar ends with flats.
All the time you are on the hoods or the drops, you have constant touch with the brake levers, meaning instant access when needed.

Some of these positions will be attainable with flats and bar ends, but drops just gives a little more.
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