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Hi. Happy rides with your bikes. I am asking this question to all Shimano Altus users.
I would like to ask a special question. I bought a DAHON Espresso D24 in This Summer. At the beginning it was perfect. But after some time (after 10 - 20 km) it started to give some annoying constant clicking noise from near its back gear mechanism (two times with every pedal cycle). Have you noticed a similiar constant noise?( I think the Shimano Altus gear mechanism' s back derailleur is responsible for the noise, but not sure )
I took it to the authorized service but the service was in a noisy environment and I could not explain them. Now I have made approx. 300 km with my bike and the noise still persist (see the video). There is no seeming cause for the noise (no problem with pedals, chains, no rubbing, no problem with wheels, no cracks, brackets, bearings, chainwheels, brake mechanism etc.).
When you are using the smallest front chainwheel (which is generally not used) there is no sound. But all other combinations with front chainwheels (especially front middle chainwheel, which is used mostly) make noise. So I suspect that the noise is a result of tension on the back derailleur (and the sound seems coming from there). There is no problem with gear switches, so if you change the adjustments of gear to change that tension you can ruin the normal gear settings.



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I am not supposed to open files from unknown sources.
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