Clement Strada review (vs Veloflex, etc)


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Bit of tyre advice required - Clement Strada vs Veloflex Master vs anything else, (700c x 23mm), tan wall preferred, but all black acceptable.

But first - a long term review of Clement Strada LGG 700c x 25mm, tan wall, 60TPI:

Need to replace these now as centre tread on rear tyre is worn & showing carcass & losing grip. They've done close to 3000 miles (well over 4000km) which I guess is pretty good?

They've been ridden almost entirely on roads - but country roads mainly, often with potholes, gravel, mud, hedge trimmings & even grassy sections down the middle sometimes - & then some occasional sections of pure gravel. They've been ridden in all weathers too.

In total, I've had three punctures - all on the rear - one was after a particularly long gravel section, one on a really poor road surface & the other after hitting a pebble on a descent.

So I'd have no hesitation giving these 5/5 for durability.

My reservations are as follows: Having made the switch from 23mm to 25mm wide, I have noticed no improvement at all in comfort or grip & feel that they are actually slightly slower than my previous tyres - which were very slick 23mm wide Michelin (can't remember exact model but either Pro3 or Pro4 Service Course).

Rims are Ambrosio Excellight, so wider tyres do not seem to sit well in them like they might in a modern style rim - rather you get the 'lightbulb' effect which does nothing for aesthetics or function I don't think.

So back to the original question - the ideal tyre would be something that felt quicker & livelier than the Clements, but without sacrificing durability.

I hear the Veloflex can be fragile on the sides & not suitable for rough roads. I would consider the Clements in 23mm, but there only seems to be the black version in that size. Big difference in the 'TPI' between Clements (60) & Veloflex (320) - does that have much bearing on ride quality or durability?

Anyone tried Ritchey WCS Race Slicks, Challenge Open Forte Corsa or Onza Preda? (All 120TPI & all available at the right price, as are the Michelins)...

Would like them to be less than £50 for the pair, although the Veloflex would probably be just over that.

Thoughts please...


Have had/got both of those although it's tricky doing a comparison as they are different sizes and have been on different bikes:rolleyes:.

The Stradas were 25's and have been on the Helium(carbon) and Icarus(ally).Really liked them although not as nice as the Vittoria Open Paves I had before;lasted about the same as yours before the rear started to get worn and was becoming puncture prone.

The Veloflexes are 23's and were only on my steel single speeder for a short while last summer before resorting back to harder wearing Schwalbe Duranos.They are really plush and quick rolling with latex tubes fitted(rims are 80's Mavic Ma2's) and for the relatively short while they were on seemed to handlerough fen roads pretty well and with no punctures,not sure how they would stand up to regular gravel roads though.

The afformentioned Open Paves have been pretty good puncture wise and have handled this years wet winter roads ok too although they do cut up a bit(just have to be vigilant in removing flints and repairing cuts).Wear is probably a bit less than the Stradas but they do roll a bit nicer.Only thing is I think Vittoria may have stopped making them although they still seem to be available at various stores(dunno about 23's though).


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Always thought Open Paves / Corsas look nice but they're a bit dearer I think.

No, that track isn't typical of my every day riding, but the Clements have been subjected to quite a few miles on gravel (or cycle trails which are simply not up to road standard).
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