A mate of mine had to sell his 2019 CHPT3 a month or so back. He'd been hit financially due to lockdown and he could sell his bike and cover the next three mortgage payments. He insisted on collection and arranged to meet at a local bar /cafe. The guy who came to collect had a few in the back of his van and was going to ship them to Indonesia. The guy tried to haggle on the already agreed price, then tried the " I've only got X amount in cash, can I give you a cheque for the balance" My mate gave him short shrift and said cash or forget it. The bloke got all huffy and then sent his wife in to try and soft soap him, she got the same response. They cleared off and came back a short while later with the cash.


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Ok, so the account sending the tweet was the CHPT3-company-account: View:

Seems indeed to be legit.
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