China - what’s to be done?


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Perhaps the issue of separatist insurrection does depend on your perspective, and where you stand in time. For example, is the unification and integration of England, Wales and Scotland beneficial overall to the lives of people in Britain over the past X00 years, or would their independence and likely extended conflict be preferable, as Mel Gibson wants us to believe in Braveheart?
The worst that happens here is that some feeble minds liken the First Minister to one of the Krankies. Alleged SNP supporters are not rounded up and incarcerated in “re-education” camps.
You’re right, perspective matters.

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And the Borg can fark right aff anaw!


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Lots of nice modern textile factories springing up around the "re-education" centres for Uyghurs in Shinjang.

The CCP are all heart, thinking about the employment prospects of that lucky ethnic minority.

Be careful where your cheap tat from Primark or Boohoo is made in future.
I try and do that even here in HK and it's surprisingly easier than you think as many Hong Kongers will go for the Japanese stuff before anything else. That's why two of the most successful supermarkets here, Yata and Aeon, are both Japanese firms. I also try and avoid any cheap tat made by 10 year olds in Indian/Bangladeshi sweatshops too.

Joey Shabadoo

My pronouns are "He", "Him" and "buggerlugs"
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