Chain slipping problem


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Hey guys. I had a 2x7 road bike and I decided to upgrade everything on it. So I changed the wheels and put on a full tiagra 2x10 groupset. The components were 2nd hand but not bad condition, however it was missing a chain so I put a new one on. On the stand it was working fine but when I was riding it, the chain was slipping. My colleague said its because of the cassette is too worn so I was like fine, I bought a branf new tiagra 10spd cassette and fit it on. And now I still have the same problem. Even if I dont put pressure on the chain, just riding it normally it's slipping. What could cause the problem?

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Think it might help us if you shared what the previous components were (7 speed) and what you've replaced them with (10 speed, make and number if they have one). What chainset has the bike got? The 10 speed chain may not run properly with 7 speed chainrings, I think (but let's have the data).


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Is it slipping on the cassette or chainring?

I had similar; replaced a worn chain, was OK for a few miles then got slipping issues so replaced the cassette. Was fine for a bit then I got slipping again; ended up adding more deraillier tension (B-screw..?) which sorted it right out and it's been fine since. Could probably have got away without that replacement cassette but ho hum... :shy:
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