Carradice bags - are they a faff?


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The old ones are rubbish. Leak like sieves. Straps all about to fail and baggier than a baggy thing.
Go modern.
The Carradice lightweight Audax might fit the bill Lighter and seems more robust to me.


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These panniers will pay for themselves many times over.
He's not needing panniers, he asked about a Carradice saddle bag, or something equivalent.
I don't think anyone disagrees that longevity is an important thing.

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Get an SQR Tour (I think there are two sizes). I have the larger and it's great, side pockets and a good size. I bought an extra fitting block so I can easily move it from bike to bike. Being easily detachable means it's no faff when stopping mid ride at cafes aswell.


Like @CanucksTraveller I used to think Carradice were good albeit expensive, but due to the growth of bikepacking and accompanying premium luggage, Carradice now look infinitely good value.

Carradice bags need some kind of quick release otherwise the leather buckles get a bit tiresome for daily use.

I have the SQR system and use the Tour and Super C saddlebags with it.


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Carradice have always offered a great saddle-bag.
I'm not a great fan of panniers - But - I've never needed them.
In the 1960s I used to travel greater distances than I do now and my Carradice bag was perfect for a change of clothes and a few tools.
It always looked good .... That good, honest look .... if you know what I mean.

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I prefer a bar bag for camera etc, stuff you need to access quickly.
When i was living in London 1968-1971 I had one of the larger saddle bag units for Youth Hostelling.
One recollection is that with the weight high up compared to panniers if you let the bike tilt when parking etc it was quite hard to pull upright again.



Thanks all for your replies - apologies; I read them and then never replied.

I have a bike with a rack and some panniers for more serious loads, this is to be a bag for the "I''m off out for a ride" bike. I think the SQR system looks best for me given the lack of loops on my saddle, and so now it's a question of which size bag - do I want room for a stove and coffee-making stuff as well as the camera, waterproofs etc just because sitting in the countryside having a a brew is nice, or do I want the smallest one I can get away for 90% of the time for neatness?

Or do I just accept that I'm going to end up with more than one at some point? :-)


Carradice ........................for when your grandchildren get into cycling and you want to leave a legacy for them.
My dad has apparently got rid of his Nelson Longflap (or it might have been a camper - it was massive, anyway) because it went mouldy in the garage! Can you believe it! I asked him if he still had it so I could 'borrow' it :-)
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