Carbon fibre grip / assembly compound - recommendations please


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The road bike has seen zero use for a number of months and I recently removed the ally seatpost to find what appears to be some galvanic corrosion in areas where the anodising had been damaged. Thus far I've avoided applying grip past since a) I'm tight and b) I don't really like the idea of putting something abrasive between two components that (if only on occasion) have to be slid past each other.

All that said I don't want a corroded / seized seatpost either and don't want ot use grease as I imagine this would only mean higher clamping torques were necessary..

So, I'm after recommendations for the least-aggressive, effective assembly paste please - the "most helpful" review of the Park Tool stuff on CRC suggests that it actually scatched the guy's seatpost so I'll be avoiding that (and hopefully anything similar)!


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My one carbon bike (bought about 4-5 years ago) came with a little ketchup sachet style pack of Giant's own brand carbon assembly paste, that's all I've ever needed and my post has stayed in position and not scored / scratched. I notice that local bike shops that stock Giant usually have those sachets for a couple of pounds. I also gather Finish Line paste is cheap and perfectly useable. Of course seat posts will eventually show some sign of wear after a few years, assembly paste or not.

I'm not convinced that most assembly paste is abrasive, most brands get the gritty texture from tiny plastic beads that are squashed into / key into the natural texture of the carbon - so it might feel abrasive to the skin, but it's not. The beads are softer than the post and the frame. I can't see any manufacturer using silica sand, as was the belief of the reviewer that you referred to. I think it's more likely he had contamination in the seat post tube.


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I just use a very fine smearing of grease, never needed to over torque the clamp.
Its good to see a little grease squeeze out of the seat tube when I tighten the clamp, I like to think it will help prevent water ingress.


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I use Morgan Blue carbon paste, I have no idea if it is better than other products, but it has not damaged anything and seems to work. A little goes a long way.
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