Canyon Disappointment

I ordered a Canyon Endurace back in October.
3 weeks ago I got an email saying my order was being brought forward and would be shipped soon.
Then a week ago I got another email saying that they had cancelled my order without any explanation.
I have contacted them 4 times to ask why the order was cancelled but each time I have been promised that someone would contact me nobody has.
Really disappointed with their poor customer service.


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It's a bit iffy at the best of times, but hang on in there.


That's a real shame and so frustrating for you.

I ordered mine from Canyon back in July and was told it would be November when it arrived (:sad:). I got my email at the beginning of October saying that it would be with me a couple of weeks earlier then the day after I got a shipping notification from UPS and the red thing arrived three days later.

I had the need to speak to them a couple of times before ordering and once the order was placed and I used the chat function which whilst not the quickest did get me a definitive answer and action. I found the interface between Germany and the UK not so good.

It may be that your bike was damaged and therefore they wouldn't send it? Regardless, they should have been up front and told you and given you the option of priority build when parts became available or your cash back.

Good luck in getting it sorted - the wait will be worth it.

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five years ago I had utter disaster with them.


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I should just tell them to do one and order something else, there are plenty of other great cycle manufacturers out there. Still might be a bit of a wait but I couldn’t be doing with being treated like that.


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five years ago I had utter disaster with them.
I was part of that thread as Canyon majorly screwed up for me too and I said I would never go back. However, 5 years later I did and they actually delivered a week earlier than they promised, albeit they did announce a small delay for setting up UK braking.


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Recently took delivery of my Canyon Endurance, Purchased beginning of October with an expected delivery date of end of October, but came a week and half earlier.. I would definitely try and get in touch either via UK contact number or chat to see why they cancelled..
It is a shame because the bikes are lovely


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These are some of the reasons why the so called 'direct from the factory' bikes don't always work out to be so good.

I realise the better value etc. but when it all goes tits up you're scuppered, really feel for you.

On a side note, to those with positive experiences, how do warranty claims pan out?

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