Can't drop me that easy !


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Sometimes it's just the games that you like to play with yourself while riding that makes it fun. I was a tad over ten miles into my ride and had already spent half of that climbing. As I hit the last little climb I just figure I'll just set an easy tempo and get over the top. Once over the top I have several descents to get the legs loose. So as this bike, not sure what type, but it did have peddles on it passes me I figured I'd stay at my tempo. I figured that if I was in range at the top I might try to reel him in. The road has some bad spots up top so I figured that might slow him down. As I got closer I was first thinking I'll motor pace off him, but didn't want to risk him getting nervous with my on his rear wheel. So it was just pass and see if I could stay out in front for a while. He must of turned off at the intersection that was just ahead as I went on the next descent. Like I said sometimes it's just fun playing games with yourself out on a ride.



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Someone pulled alongside me yesterday and said "Ah. You couldnt get away from me" They were deflated when I said "I didnt even know you were there".
It used to break up the monotony of the commute when someone would go by but get no more than 100m (333 ? ft) in front and gradually over the next couple of km/miles at a more consistent pace I would draw them in and pass :smile: I miss those days, now its more a case of when I see a cyclist in front, going as far and as fast round them as possible. I should take up downhill skiing :rolleyes:


I love racing old granny's on folding shopping bikes. I usually end up losing 😁
You should race my wife on her Ebike, she can power up inclines :training:


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I did that on a big descent in Majorca a couple of years ago. I was a bit surprised that a bike is much more nimble than a big motorbike on the zig-zag descents when you can get into a good 'pedal, pedal, brake, corner' rhythm.
Aye I used to love showing up 'big bikes' on my little CB125s, stuff it up the inside on a tight corner whilst they were wallowing about


I've had some fun and games this week whilst out cycling. Tuesdays ride i caught up another cyclist. As i went passed i noticed his bike was a quality 60s road bike. The tubing was pencil thin and was looking very looked after. It was a fixie road bike and looked stunning in the light of day. I pressed on after saying hello and never expected to see him again. My bikes got plenty of gears and the hills were rolling. Ten miles later i was surprised to still see him not to far behind. There was me with the luxury of gears to tackle climbs and get a good shift on down them, whilst he was only stuck with one gear. Well impressed 👍
Yesterday i went out and cycled 50 miles.. About 40 miles in, this guy past me on his road bike. Being the "childish old has been" weekend warrior i tried pacing him from a safe distance behind. We averaging around 20mph and after around 6 miles my legs and lungs really started to burn up. He took a glance back and saw me. He knew what i was doing and decided to up the pace. He totally destroyed me lol.. When the next hill came he disappeared into the sunset leaving me in a quivering sweating wreak. On one hand its disheartening to feel defeated, but on the other, its good motivation to know improvements are still there to be made. I Still come home though with a big grin on my face even knowing I'd been completely outclassed.
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