Can I get original tubes, but with removable Presta valve inserts?


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Hi all, my first post here. Newbie to bikes, really. I have 2 Trek bikes which I bought a few years ago. I have had absolutely no problems with them, however the Presta type valve was new to us and wife snapped off the part that unscrews to let the air out. It's not the type where the insert can be changed.
Tubes now are Cheng Skin Tube, 700X28/32C FV48.
Rims: Bontrager TLR 622 x 17 Series 6061 ALU
Tires: Bontrager AW1 Hard Case Lite 700 x 32
Can I get original type tubes, but with the valve with replaceable inserts? They have held up great otherwise--no flats ever.
Thanks for any help. --Joe


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You can but I've never seen the valves sold separately, the only reason for them being removable is to be able to introduce 'slime' or some other hateful puncture repairing goo into the tube..


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Thanks for the replies. My limited knowledge is that you can buy the inserts cheap, as Mark said, but that you have to have a valve where they can be removed, which looks easy according to videos I watched. I guess I can just get any tube, as long as the inserts can be changed, because I anticipate this happening again. They're not the easiest for getting the air pump on, seem much more fragile than the Schrader type. I would like to get the original brand tube because they've lasted well, but I'm open to suggestions for good replacements.
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