Calling all gas engineers. The fire's just gone out.

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But my real flame gas fire, (cannon of some kind ) has recently started going out after an hour or so.
The flame goes out and the gas supply stops.
Any ideas as to what causes this?

It starts up again right away.

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RIP it all out, cap off the gas and put a real fire in.


You sure it doesn't just want a good clean,vacuum bits of crap/soot out of it.If the flame goes out so will gas as a safety feature I think.
Take all the coals ect off,remember how they go back and not when there hot !


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It is real fire....when it's there.

Besides, I don't have to go out to collect and chop gas, it's on tap
Chopping gas is easy, there's nothing to it!


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Turn it off and don't use it until you have it checked out is my advice. It could just be a faulty thermocouple but then again it could be the oxygen depletion device that operates when the flue gases arn't clearing properly.


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Yes, but the oxygen depletion device extinguishes the pilot light to make the fire shut down even if the thermocouple is working correctly. It's to prevent carbon monoxide spillage into a room if the flue isn't working correctly.
The fact that the fire lights ok and stays lit for a while before shutting down suggests spillage back into the room.
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