Brompton stolen from health worker turns up in Indonesia.


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No great suprise. There is a huge market for Bromptons in Indonesia. I would not be shocked if most of the stolen Bromptons end up there.


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Great to hear from you again @sdawila . I guess bromides are sought after there and perhaps people don’t ask too many questions about where they come from.
it feels good that someone remember me here.

Please note that most people do care where the bike come from. one will face the law and will ended up in jail if he happens to collect or buy or posses stolen goods. The local authorities are taking this matter seriously, but these thieves do not stop there, they'd dissamble the whole bike in to pieces and perhaps have them repainted into different colors and sold separately as bike parts in order to avoid the consequences. I am also an active member in BOGI (Brompton Owners Group Indonesia) and amongst the brompton users they always ask if the sold bike comes with box and manuals since stolen Brompton do not comes with the original box and its manuals.

The today's headlines Brompton WFH (Wheels For Heroes) are also offered and sold in online marketplace in the social media (facebook, instagram, Etc.) The bike was stolen and it is ended up there and it is being sold as full bike and even shown the brompton badge and frame number.

Again, theives from outside Indonesia would sale the bikes (assembled as they were when they are stolen) but the stolen goods buyer/collector would buy them and dissamble them into parts and have them sold across the online marketplace.
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Brompton certainly don't seen to have their frame numbers mixed up and have now written to the Brompton owners group in Indonesia asking for help to recover this stolen bike which was part of a batch made especially for health workers:
It is indeed what's happening. For your information, most of the Brompton bikes in the stores world wide are now being sold and sent to Indonesia, very large number and to top this, if anyone's here is associated with Brompton manufacturer please get the news from your source that Indonesia is now has the most Brompton world wide, probably lot more than in Western Europe. And since the demand spikes up, the prices for a brompton bike in Indonesia is rediculusly expensive and yet the people is keep on buying.

Along with these brand new and used Brompton bike sent from world wide to Indonesia, there are also stolen Brompton bikes in the pile but hey it's not that many but the NHS aid worker (Wheels For Heroes) bike (one brompton bike) is indeed caught everyone's attention, especially the headline news. Again, wrong is wrong, selling or buying or possessing a stolen good is part of a crime and one will face the law but then it is only one brompton bike, to be frank it is rather overexposed considering the amount of the brompton sale for the time being, it's one amongst plenty.

I do not have any special interest in regards of reputation of the Indonesian National Police, in another Thread titled Indonesian police stealing a Brompton bicycle, which in my opinion is not the case at all and I have explained what happened since I am in the region and aware of it.

Moreover, twisting of headlines title which results in the deterioration of an institution, even the state.
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