Brompton on-line survey?

I’m located in the US (you know, with the orange-colored President...)
Wife and I just completed an on-line survey Brompton sent out this week, the gist of which is designed to either validate or reinforce their position as a premium, handcrafted product and solicit more free-form input. The survey asked if one owns a Brompton (we each have a Brompton) so I’m not certain that this survey was prompted by the registration of our bikes with the company, when we initially purchased them.

Question is: is this a widespread survey that others here have recently received? (weve owned our 2018 Bromptons for over 2 years so I dont think the survey is related to our purchases)


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I have heard nothing from Brompton this week. Send Brompton an email and ask them.


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I've had nothing. I'm definitely on Brompton's list (eg they emailed me about the bottom bracket recall a while ago).


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Brompton seem relatively recently to have started to do surveys with parts of their customerbase more or less regularly. Probably, if took part in one, they will select someone else for the next one - I assume with something like 600k bike sold their address-list is long... I got a survey one or two times over the last year, different surveys and probably also different from the one that you got now.
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