Brexit, could this be a Ray of light

I can see the legal, and indeed moral argument, but I'm not too sure how it would work politically after the appalling way the UK has treated the EU nations and especially the 3.5 million EU citizens in the UK.

If the UK agreed to full retention of rights for EU citizens resident in the UK at the time of Brexit (which they haven't yet, despite self-righteously claiming to do so) then I could see the EU member states agreeing to this; maybe. But even then it is effectively asking the EU to allow UK nationals full rights including FOM, while denying their citizens the same in the UK. I can understand the thought behind it but after the open xenophobia the UK has exhibited for the last four years it will look like the UK trying to get all the advantages with non of the disadvantages, again.

I know that isn't the case for the entire population, or indeed all of the people who voted for Brexit, and therefore it is very unfair because again the Xenophobic minority is reducing the freedom of others, but there you are.
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