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Indicate first, check behind, pull into position, indicate again, check behind, brake, indicate again...


Done. It can be a pain on a couple of roundabouts on my commute. I also have to look out for drivers coming on to the roundabout who look me in the eye and come on straight at me anyway. There isn't much that would stop that and I always wonder, where the hell did they think I was going when they thought it was okay to point their car at me.

Phew, feeling better already. ^_^


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If you're thinking of being the umpteenth person to suggest indicator lights for bicycles, I can tell you now they'll be a failure, just like every other bicycle indicator since the '30s.

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If not, I'll complete the survey.
When I was a child I had a bike with a brake light on the back. The word “Stop” used to light up in red when I applied the brake, at the time I thought that was quite cool. It used to annoy me though that I was the only person who couldn’t watch it light up. :sad:


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I thought they were ok. The idea of braking by backpedalling sprang to my mind.
Same here. If this were a problem (it isn't, indicating and braking can be done separately) then a coaster brake would work. I perhaps use my legs to slow down during indication when riding fixed but I'm not certain.
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