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Huffington post ! lol.

What's worse is believing the news media.

But anyway, why the issue with a British vaccine having a British emblem on it ?
Did they want "70% effective" on the label, under the Union flag? :laugh:

Pretty pointless given that most people won't ever see the labelling anyway.


why the issue with a British vaccine having a British emblem on it ?
I thought it would be blindingly obvious. Clearly not.

1. It's not a British vaccine. Quite the opposite, it was conceived as a worldwide vaccine, has been tested in multiple continents and has a worldwide manufacturing base.

2. Pharmaceutical labeling is highly regulated. Political and nationalist symbols would never be allowed.

3. AstraZeneca is a multinational company and has been, along with the rest of the pharma sector, strongly against Brexit which has cost it 10s of millions, and threatens their scientific base. The idea that even if permitted they'd allow the vaccine to be hijacked by the very people who instituted the fiasco is risible.

4. It's a completely meaningless symbol. It achieves nothing and would cements our increasing reputation as an isolationist nationalist country devoid of substance in our dealings with others.


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It may or may not be true, but it fits in nicely with Mr Johnson The Lazy one's lack of enthusiasm for the first two COVID vaccines and his grand announcement for the Oxford / AstraZeneca one.

Personally I would rather see the Union Jack on medicines, particularly ones that will be sent to the less developed countries (cheaper) than on the walls and windows of some knuckle-dragging racists. Even better if they are anti-vaccers.


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Don't like people using "cretin" as an insult. It has associations with learning difficulties. It's like calling people "mongs".

Please don't do it. Thanks


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If it were to happen, which it won't, I would not want anything to do with it and I would withdraw from the vaccine trial.
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