Best bicycle brand name

Brompton Bruce

Coffeeeeeeeee pleeeeease
Brompton floats my boat.

Ian H

I am an ancient randonneur, & I stop often for tea
East Devon
My machines include an Omega (defunct), a Qoroz (defunct), and a Hallett (keep going Richard!). Gazelle are also still going, but don't make racing bikes like mine any more.


My other bike is a Pinarello
Pick the name of a town or city or region. Plenty to choose from. e.g. Brooklyn Bicycle Co.
Maybe even something really local like the name of a park or sub-district of a town.
I've always liked the idea of an MTB brand where all the bikes have nasty "D" words as names...Destroyer, Desecrator, Dominator, Disintegrator, Deflowerer, etc. Maybe not the last one ^_^


White. It sounds much sexier and more successful in Italian. Whyte is bit more risqué.
A good bicycle brand name really needs to have good bikes or it starts to sounds like Claude Butler, Falcon,
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