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Nashville TN
Hello everyone! Name is Nate and I’m from the Nashville TN area. I’m a big runner, not as in overweight, but is my primary cardio and enjoyment. Most recently I’ve enjoyed riding around on my Cannondale Hybrid with my daughter and decided to get a road bike to get some more miles in. I scored a good deal on a Trek 1.5 Alpha that practically looks new.

I am 6’1” with an inseam of 32”
Bike is a 56cm which I know I’m between a 56 and 58cm based on charts.
Attached a photo to see if anyone can give an eyeball on fitment.

When my leg is in the 6 o’clock position straight down I have a slight Bend in the knee.


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Knee looks very bent to me, saddle needs to go up so it really is a slight bend in knee, a few degrees. It’ll need to go up more still if you plan on riding in padded shorts which will raise you up more
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This is a very, very rough eyeball but I'd say the saddle needs to go up a good 10cm / 4 inches as a starting point, that leg is very bent. It needs to appear pretty much straight, but not locking out.


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Does look a bit low - a good rule of thumb for saddle height is for the leg to be fully extended / straight with the heel of the foot is on the pedal when it's at its furthest point away from the rider.


Try with leg straight, heel on pedal, no shoes.
Adjust from there.
I prefer leg straight, but not locked out, and shoes on with heel on pedal. But that is only a starting position, ready for fine tuning.

Note that for a beginner, this will seem very high, and you'll not be able to touch the ground when you are seated. You'll need to learn to slide off the saddle as you come to a halt so you can get a foot on the ground. If you are uncomfortable to start with, then have your saddle a bit lower and gradually raise it to the correct level over a couple of weeks as you become more comfortable.


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You'll need to learn to slide off the saddle as you come to a halt so you can get a foot on the ground.
Or tilt the bike and slide to one side. That often works, but not always.
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