BBC ignoring certain sports...Again


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I haven't got a TV either.


B****#%s to sport, since joining C.C I’ve gotten a lot more into gardening, reading & going for walks. Might sell the Televisions in every room.


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On the BBC news sport section this morning, they ignored to report how Salford City Reds Rugby League side have got themselves into the grand final against St Helens next Saturday, it’s quite an upbeat tale as last year they finished 2nd from bottom, but this year have had a good season and finished in 3rd spot, not only that if they win, they will then go into the world club challenge to play Sydney Roosters, the most shameful thing about all this is the Beeb transmit from..... Salford!!! I know there was a previous thread about how they ignore certain sports but i’ll Be blowed if I can find it Edit just seen that Salfords Jackson Hastings has won 2019 Superleague man of steel award, Well done BBC
I'd never heard of Salford Reds till I came across this thread. As someone with little interest in Rugby League I could probably name two clubs.

There was a long feature on BBC Northwest Tonight last evening. It's a good story but one I'm afraid most will forget next week once the game has been played.


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South Wales
They are the Salford Red Devils

In 2013, Marwan Koukash took over the club (after a winding up order) and then it was renamed
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