Backpack vs Panniers

SWMBO has a rack & pannier-bags on her Boardman (1) for her commute to her office
Her company, so bike just gets wheeled in, & left in one of the other rooms

I use (what looks like) one of those kids 'shoe-bags', when I need to take items (uniform/food/etc..)
Quite a lot can be packed in, & with a lanyard clipped on, it can be tied across the chest to prevent too much lateral movement
The pair I use, are from 'goodie bags', after trail-races (running)


I keep considering a rack for the CGR, but then a matter of remounting lights. from where they are now

1. I already had the p-b's (in a sealed package), as I'd considered fitting a rack to my 'blue' Ribble, when I bought that in mid 2013
(since superceded, by the CGR, from March 2017)

The main reason I didn't fit a rack to the 'blue' was due to the positioning of the seat-stay mount - the near-side interfered/aligned with the brake


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I prefer the panniers, because a backpack just makes me sweat way too much. I don't like showing up to work with a sweaty back.
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