Arise Sir Rod Stewart, and you too Sir Billy Connolly!


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In his autobiography, Rod reveals that then fellow Faces band member Ronnie Wood asked him to look at his nose where there was a hole right through his septum which Stewart could see right through! This presented them with a problem as they suspected they needed the cocaine which had caused this perforated septum to enable them to perform at the high energy levels required. So they went to a chemists and bought some cold remedy capsules, emptied out the contents of the capsules and filled them with the catastrophe powder, re-sealed the capsules and inserted them, to put it delicately, up their own peanuts so their bodies would absorb it without detrimental effects on delicate nasal membranes.


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Rod was knighted last year.
This year we have Billy Connelly, Julie Walters and June Whitfield.

But far more important is the gallantry awards for PC Keith Palmer and the man who was stabbed whilst he helped Jo Cox.


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Those 2 bobbies who took down Jo Cox's murderer unarmed are getting the Queen's Policing Medal with the gallantry ribbon. Well deserved.

Ironically, one of the directors of the company that fitted the flammable cladding had been recommended for a gong by the management company that ran the tower.
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