Any Runners On Here??


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:ohmy:How much food do you eat
Not sure, I'm not tracking my calories and macros at the moment. When I was preparing for a powerlifting competition and trying to cut weight in the first half of the year I was training 4 times a week and eating 3000 calories a day. I guess I'm eating slightly less now but at 107kg I still like my plate full.

My issue with nutrition now is that I don't know what's a good diet for both disciplines (powerlifting and endurance): if I eat a lot of proteins I lift like a god but feel crap when I run, if I don't eat enough protein I run like the wind but feel weak when I lift and sore as hell the next day.

and where do you get the time?
Fortunately the missus is pretty active too so I never get the "you're never home" drama.
Not having kids is definitely a huge plus :laugh:

Running update: went running last Friday, got lost (I like to run into streets and neighbourhoods where I see nice houses) and ended up doing almost 8k :tongue:


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I managed a 5k this morning after the school run, happy with my pace of 5:46 / km.

Gonna gradually build up to a 10k - Bristol 10K is next May that's my goal.
Entered the Bristol 10k so I now have a definite goal to aim at...


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Has any of you ever experienced problems with strava while using a bluetooth headphones?

Went for a run last week and connected a pair of bluetooth headphones. The gps tracking was all over the place which was of course messing up the distance and pace data. Tried to restart the activity, then restart the strava app, then restart the phone...nothing worked.

As soon as I disconnected the bluetooth headphones, it went all back to normal. Any clues?
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