Another advantage of a recumbent trike

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I just went out for a 32 mile whizz around the country lanes with a friend (a girl from Germany). She was surprised to discover that I stopped to pick up onions that the local farmer had dropped from his tractor trailer, having harvested them. After a while I got adept at picking them up from the side of the road whilst remaining on the trike, slotting them into my panniers without stopping. I got about a dozen decent onions - French Onion soup for lunch tomorrow - and all from my nice reclined seating position! The girl from Germany said "we wouldn't do this in Germany"; my husband commented that the German farmers probably wouldn't drop lots of onions anyway!


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Good point. I found I can do something similar from my QNT, so far I've bagged a packet of Polos a friend dropped while we were riding, a pen and the hat blown of the head of one of the Vintage Cyclist during the Sunday Parade at York this year. I managed to pick it up and give her it back without stopping pedalling!
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