Advice for a new type of bike light


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I got it. Bluetooth bike lights controlled from your phone. There could be an app on the phone, and when the accelerometer in the phone senses you've had a crash the lights can blink SOS in Morse code.
see.sense ?


Re the lights that you can keep on the bike, all they need to be are ones with Go Pro mountings attached, fitted to a bolted on Go Pro mount and the Go Pro fixing bolt replaced with a bolt and locking nut, that way as secure as the rest of the bits of the bike unless attacked by Allen keys. Halfords do such a front light while for ebikes their is the Light and Motion set.


I miss my old Schmidt E6. Ok, it needed a new bulb occasionally and the beam was so pencil-thin that tight bends were terrifying, but it didn't half throw light a long way down the road.
I've still got mine somewhere. It was pretty good as one half of a twin headlight setup, paired with a Lumotec Oval aimed a bit shorter.
The wider beam of the Lumotec avoided the problem of going into a bend unable to see anything other than a small square patch of hedge on the outside of the bend.

It did prompt me into considering the design of a swiveling mount, that would aim the light further left as you steered left.
Maybe the OP would like to consider that rather than a light - he could sell it to all the people who've already got a light.


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How about lights that are powered by the motion of the bicycle? Something like a car alternator, but smaller and with a lower output, could be used to harness the rotation of the wheels and generate electricity for thr lights. We could call them Alternator Lights.


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Heres an idea, make a self contained led light that is usb rechargeable, same as the whats made by Lezyne, Moon etc but have a battery that can be replaced, know i am fed up with replacing lights when its just the battery wont hold charge any more or lights that have sat unused for a wile and batterys done.
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