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Hi there. Is there anybody out there having trouble with Strava not operating at all on Huewei phones. Ive downloaded the app 5 times. It doesnt seem to want to work. It perfectly well on my Samsung Galaxy Ace.. Cant work it out!


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Hi there anybody out there having issues with Strava not working on Huawei phones. Ive downloaded the app 5 times and its useless. It worked fine on my old Samsung!


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Yes, I had constant problems with the Huawei P8 - app stopped, lost GPS, sometimes wouldn't save. It's a known issue with some Huawei devices - there's some information at

None of the fixes detailed there resolved my problems, so I used Mapmyride to record rides then exported them to Strava - Mapmyride worked flawlessly on the same phone incidentally.

I replaced the Huawei with a Motorola a few months ago - no problems at all since.
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