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Was looking at my ride from yesterday, there is another post where I lost a bag off the back of the bike, https://www.cyclechat.net/threads/could-have-been-an-expensive-ride.259370/ I could only thank the person who returned it from a distance. Got me thinking earlier if I could identify him from Strava & then after all this is over go thank him properly. I just looked at the Flyby's on the 33 mile ride I interacted with 57 other Strava users, never had that many before.

If we ignore Audex's. competitions & organised rides, what's the highest number you had?


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I think about a dozen or so. I primarily use Garmin, and while my account is linked to Strapon it's not that often I bother looking at the latter.


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I don't know the highest number but a long weekend ride up here in Yorkshire can get you a long list, lots of club runs out (not during lockdown) I pass Birkin Fisheries Cafe on a lot of rides, that usually registers quite a number.


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Deleted flyby option, as anyone can see your route and trace it back to your home etc and the nerdowells know this...
Also use that privacy zone thing on Strava


I have no idea what the highest number was, but yesterday there were 51 matches on my 2 x 25 mile laps. I've only ever seen a list of that size on a sunny Sunday with weekday rides normally not needing to scroll down much to see them all.

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On a 40 miler it's sometimes none, usually between five and ten but if I go past the mountain bike routes at Innerleithen it can be in the sixties. And all of them faster than me on the road segments because they use the motorised uplift and are too bone idle to pause strava while they do so.
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