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My battery pack for my off road light has decided to pack up , does anybody have a battery pack going spare at all please ?

Just been searching e bay and it's cheaper to buy a complete lamp , battery pack and charger than just a battery pack :sad:


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Have you checked Torchy?


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What you want to do is invest money in one of these battery cases

Then you can install and swap out 18650s to your hearts content.

Invest money in good panasonic, Samsung or Sanyo 18650 cells and they should keep you going for at least 2-3years before they are completely spent.

I bought my panasonic's 2 for £12 off amazon a while back but they've discontinued them and all the other stuff you find on there are unreliable china imported tat made for vapes and e-cigs which run the risk of exploding or starting a fire when or if they short out.

Only other place i can think of is Ebay but you'll likely to come across counterfeit batteries. The only person I really trust is Torchythebatteryboy -- He used to sell battery packs for lights and i have bought two of them in the past but it seems he's stopped selling them now. He sells samsung cells though they've been repackaged with his livery so theres a small chance that he could also be selling you fake batteries too... (ive known him to re-brand chinese lights and sell them for profit... but in his defence they were pretty decent lights)

Either way £10.99 for two samsung 3000mAh 18650 batteries is pretty good.

I would trust Torchy more than other battery sellers on ebay.


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i would echo the above i bought some batteries from amazon and they are rubbish

+1, my stepfather was daft enough to buy some "4000mAh" 18650 cells, which already seemed a bit dodgy, tested them in an intelligent charger which reported only 650mAh for each cell, it would be okay if they were 2000mAh or something normal like that, I haven't tried to open them up but I wouldn't be surprised if they were hollow cases with a cheap 14430 cell soldered inside.


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Thanks all for the comments
Thanks @Drago might take you up on the offer .
Just getting confused as when I Google 18650 eneloop it shows me aa type I always thought 18650 were longer ?
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Late (to this thread) - OP no doubt sorted but Planet X have this - I have just bought/received one 4.4Ahc (£6), and I have the battery twice the capacity (it says 10000mAh) which came with their 'Burn baby burn 800' front light (£25 altogether, the largest battery by itself costs £19). I have used the latter for a 600 of which about 16 hours with front light on (low or medium setting, mostly).
Comes with a strap and a USB charging lead.
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