2019 Goats League - *CLOSED* Climb 9 - Hautacam

Discussion in 'BRVR - Goats League Discussions' started by Aleman, 28 Jan 2019.

  1. Aleman

    Aleman Ale Man (BKool)

    Blackpool UK
    Ride opens for attempts at midnight 25th Feb 2019, and closes on Midnight on the 21st April 2019, ride must be completed within that window for it to count otherwise you get the time of the slowest rider plus 5%.

    Despite wanting to make things 'Easy' and absolutely loving the new ride (Sa Batalla ;) ) that was added this week we are going from Moderate to Hard, and this ride has featured in 5 Tour de France (94, 96, 00, 08, and 14) I give you the 1075m climb in 16.12Km, at a 6.8% average gradient, that makes up the Hor Categorie "Hautacam"! ! :biggrin:


    Post your times in the thread and I'll update the Goats League Spreadsheet

    Please include your BRVR User/Display Name to give other riders pacers to chase if they so desire.
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  2. martin22

    martin22 Senior Member

    No one seems to be rushing to do this ride, surely it can't be that bad... or so I thought.

    :surrender: I struggled on this one, I felt knackered after the first red section! I thought this training was meant to be making things easier!

    Anyway at least that's my 80 mins of torture done for the week ^_^

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  3. ibooij

    ibooij Senior Member

    the Netherlands
    It never gets easier, you only go faster (Greg Lemond, I think..)
  4. djk

    djk David Kings on BRVR

    I need that curry now.
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  5. Crook Town AFC

    Crook Town AFC Dave Wade on BRVR

    00:55:50, that last kilometre was brutal.
  6. SmP-62

    SmP-62 Well-Known Member

    One of the hardest climbs I know IRL.

    After 3 days of cycling (370km, 8600m el.gain) I went on Hautacam ... plan was one short ride just near a place I was staying ... but it was not recovery ride.

    Tecnically, there are 2 Cols: Hautacam is lower (big parking plateau) and then you turn left and ride less then 2km to Col de Tramassel, where also finish of this BR ride is.

    On my way to the valley, I saw 2 grannys (60+ years) on the steepest part 'grinding' uphill ... chating and smiling ... on E-bikes.
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  7. Crook Town AFC

    Crook Town AFC Dave Wade on BRVR

    Sounds like a usual Saturday night down my local working men's club!
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  8. ibooij

    ibooij Senior Member

    the Netherlands
    Funny thing: I broke my left leg badly in September of 2009, couldn't walk (or even set a single step) for 4 months, finally walked without pain or crutches after 8 months. That was not the fun part.
    In the summer of 2010, just under 10 months after the fracture, we went camping in the Pyrenees. The first ride I did was up Hautacam and Col du Tramassel. I loved it and wasn't even that slow.
    I have fond memories of that climb as it told me that I was back on the way up.
    Those fond memories will probably be shattered when I try to go fast on BRVR, so I'll hold off for a while :angel:
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  9. Mugshot

    Mugshot Cracking a solo.

    Tick that one off as done @Aleman

    1:15:08 for me please :okay:
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  10. SmP-62

    SmP-62 Well-Known Member

    Was there IRL in july 2016. Before I drove to Pyrenees I rode this climb 3 times on Tacx TTS4 software and once after returned home (my usual practice).

    Today I went there with BRVR ... and I remembered the road as I was there yesterday. Great feeling.
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  11. BRVR_User

    BRVR_User Well-Known Member

    Herts, UK
    Another one done - 55:32 for me please @Aleman. Thanks
  12. ibooij

    ibooij Senior Member

    the Netherlands
    Pff, that wasn't pretty. I tried to go at 305W, which I figured I should be able to do, but I had to slow down about halfway. 1:01:16 was the result @Aleman
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  13. Whorty

    Whorty WADA conclude I don't need a TUE!

    SW Wiltshire
    Hopefully having a pop at this later today. Just looking to set a time rather than bust a gut, so anything around 90 mins will do my fine. Will post up time (and abuse to @Aleman ) once I've finished :laugh:
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  14. Whorty

    Whorty WADA conclude I don't need a TUE!

    SW Wiltshire
    @Aleman - 1:16:28

    Quite pleased. Didn't push too hard or go into the red but aimed for a steady pace. Seems the more I climb, the better I get :laugh:
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  15. OP

    Aleman Ale Man (BKool)

    Blackpool UK
    Errrrmmmmm, Ride closed on 21st April, Sorry for not updating the spreadsheet, it's been a shoot couple of weeks.

    Still good practice for Passo Sella ;)
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