2019 Goats League - *CLOSED* Climb 12 - Ax 3 Domaines

Discussion in 'BRVR - Goats League Discussions' started by Aleman, 19 Feb 2019.

  1. Aleman

    Aleman Ale Man (BKool)

    Blackpool UK
    Ride opens for attempts at midnight 18th March 2019, and closes on Midnight on the 12th May 2019, ride must be completed within that window for it to count otherwise you get the time of the slowest rider plus 5%.

    Another visit to a climb often used as a stage finish in le Tour Ax 3 Domaine ... the stage at which Nairo Quintana raised hopes that this year he might be a future Tour winner, but it was not to be as 2013 was the first time a certain Mr Froome took yellow, indeed he took yellow on this stage (8). Short sharp shock of 662m of ascent in 8.64Km


    The climb starts around 1:09:00 in this link

    Post your times in the thread and I'll update the Goats League Spreadsheet

    Please include your BRVR User/Display Name to give other riders pacers to chase if they so desire.
  2. martin22

    martin22 Senior Member

    First one out the starting gate again, I feel like the hare in a chase!

    39:51 , enjoyed that... unleash the hounds! :bicycle:
  3. djk

    djk David Kings on BRVR

    Woof woof.

    More likey a whimper. We'll see later...
  4. Crook Town AFC

    Crook Town AFC Dave Wade on BRVR

    To keep the metaphor going, I must be barking mad to try this one.
    Ax 3 Domaines done, I don't have to do it another twice do I? Anyhoo 00:31:21.
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  5. djk

    djk David Kings on BRVR

    Rubbish attempt. 41:14
    Blew up at 6k. Will do again at some point.
  6. Crook Town AFC

    Crook Town AFC Dave Wade on BRVR

    Come on Dave you should have said something along the lines of making a dog's dinner of it or similar.
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  7. djk

    djk David Kings on BRVR

    Bloody hell, I made a dog's dinner of making a dog's dinner of it.

    Yea, definitely went out too quick. 5w increase in FTP
    Last edited: 29 Mar 2019
  8. Mugshot

    Mugshot Cracking a solo.

    Hello @Aleman could you chalk me up a 41:31 please, ta :smile:
  9. BRVR_User

    BRVR_User Well-Known Member

    Herts, UK
    That's a tough one. Glad it wasn't too much longer! 29:21 for me please @Aleman
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  10. Whorty

    Whorty WADA conclude I don't need a TUE!

    SW Wiltshire
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  11. Whorty

    Whorty WADA conclude I don't need a TUE!

    SW Wiltshire
    Sorry to be a pain @Aleman, but can you change my time to 39:15 (you entered 39:51) - every second counts :tongue:
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  12. ibooij

    ibooij Senior Member

    the Netherlands
    This one went really well. I took my own ride from January 2018 and @Crook Town AFC 's recent ride as competitors and added a coach at 317W.
    I then completely ignored the coach and just tried to ride at a steady 321-322W, a few watts above treshold. The legs kept on feeling.. good is not the right word, but it was manageable. Normally, @Crook Town AFC starts gaining on me from about halfway, but I managed to keep him at something like 20 seconds. Then the last ramp to the finish came up, 1km at 8%. That was the signal to go all in. I ramped it up to 340W and managed to keep it there, extending my lead even further. Of course, @BRVR_User had already bought and finished a coffee at the top when I reached the café, but let's just pretend that I don't care about that.

    I'm pretty pleased with the result. Training does work. It'll probably all be "downhill" from here, but this one is in the pocket.

    30:46 please, @Aleman
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