1020 mile summer road trip in an EV.


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Guy Martin recently said EVs are only good for 50 mile trips, and there is clearly interest here about EVs. I thought I share with everyone our latest EV adventure.

We've just arrived home after a 1020 mile summer holiday road trip to the Scottish Highlands from the Midlands in our 4 year old EV.

We had rain, mini floods, road closures, traffic (lots of traffic), tantrums, and at various points 6 people in the car, but the car never set a foot wrong.

In total Google recons we spent over 18hrs+ in the car without traffic or some additional sight seeing, reality was probably over 20hr+.




For anyones whos not been Scotland is a beautiful place, and as memorable as the Swiss Apls. We saw plenty of EVs enroute, and the only word I can think of for the trip is EPIC.

I love road trips, but its never just about the car that makes road trips memorable, its the journey, destination and the people around you. In that regard our EV fulfils its role perfectly, and I can honestly say I LOVE the car more now than ever. Its well and truly earned its place as a 'keeper', unless financially forced too, I doubt I'll ever sell it!!








People 'worry' about EVs not been 'fun' to drive, but my daughter will happily tell you otherwise, and we are now planning our road trip to Norway next year :smile:



Rain magnet.
Costa Clyde.
For anyones whos not been Scotland is a beautiful place, and as memorable as the Swiss Apls.
Don't tell everybody, it's our wee secret!
P.S.. You only went as far north as Glencoe, you only scratched the surface. It gets even better north of Fort William - although it has apparently been ruined this year by being a victim of it's own success and is overrun with traffic 😢.
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