1. Globalti

    How accurate is Strava in measuring height gain?

    Last night's hooligan ride produced widely varying measures of height gain: Rider A using Strava: 3337 feet Rider B using Strava: 3048 feet Self using Bikehike after the ride: 2914 feet. I find Bikehike accurate on distance measuring; my Cateye measured 37.82 miles and Bikehike gave me 37.35...
  2. I

    Is Strava playing up?

    For 24 hours now I haven`t seen anything of the live feed, and no activity of any kind. I can upload as usual, but nobody else is showing. Can`t see anything in the settings that would cause this? Anybody else?
  3. D

    Cycling best efforts on Strava

    I'm interested in finding out, for example, my best ever 10 mile time on Strava, but I know this may have formed part of a longer ride. But Strava, for some reason, don't do the equivalent of best efforts for cycling, as they do for running. And they don't seem interested in implementing it...
  4. Jonlil

    Strava or Endomondo?

    Hi peeps. Been using Endomondo (had no choice as nothing else available on Windows Phone) but finally back on Android. Just want to it for basic tracking to see how I am doing.. Stick to it or swap? Or any other good apps? Cheers
  5. toffee

    Strava Segments

    Just been out for a ride. When I got back and looked at the ride on Strava saw this
  6. Milzy

    Strava and mental health

    My friend has deleted his Strava account over 20 times in the last 12 months. He opens up a fresh account and sends requests out all over again. Any head quacks know why? I believe he has a self loathe issue and will never be happy with his performance. Maybe people like that should just ride...
  7. PeteXXX

    Strava tarting

    If you use Strava, or similar apps, could you finish a long ride just short of the intended miles? Point raised as I was on a nighttime Sportive last night, and several riders tagged on my Strava finished the 100 miler on:- 98.3 96.5 98.7 99.4 miles. No way could I do that! :headshake:
  8. FlyingCyclist

    Strava Premium

    Is it worth upgrading to Premium on Strava? (I'm off Scotland for a week tomorrow - Sat 20 - so I'll reply when I'll get back)
  9. jefmcg

    Strava art: Millenium Falcon An advantage - I guess - of living in an architect designed city.
  10. Welsh wheels

    Recommend me a Strava username

    Thinking about changing my the privacy on my strava account so anyone can follow me, I don't know enough people on there and I want more than six followers. I want to change my name though so I can't identified from it. Recommend me a witty strava username that relates to cycling somehow! I...
  11. Welsh wheels

    My first Strava KOM

    Just won my first Strava KOM! ^_^I had to work hard for it though. It's silly really but I'm quite chuffed. Apologies if the guy I took it from is anyone on here:tongue:
  12. Tiny01

    Live Strava segments whilst riding to a chosen route , is it possible ?

    Out on the club ride this morning following a selected course , within the route we have 3-4 segments that we all have a go at , i had these segments starred but i didn't get no live feedback or shown where the segment was starting & finishing , sure i have seen this before but sure that i'd...
  13. r04DiE

    My first KOM on Strava.

    I got it yesterday, after years of being on Strava. Danced round the house like a fool with my daughter cheering me on and my wife giving me an odd look. I said that I think its only fair that I am referred to as 'Your Majesty' over the weekend :) Funny how such a little thing can bring so...
  14. grellboy

    Strava - mapping accuracy

    On my journey to work today, I rode across a cobbled car park and rather wittily gave it a Roubaix pun based name (imo!) Anyway, it wasn't a segment on Strava so I created it then waited to see where I ended up on the rankings (you know the drill: kom, then top ten, then 34th!) Turns out my...
  15. Welsh wheels

    Following a strava route on your phone

    Anyone ever followed a strava route you created online on the strava phone app? Recording a ride doesn't need data but does following a ride on the app need data switched on for hours or do you just need to have your GPS/Location switched on?
  16. edrobbin


    Sorry if this has been covered before, but I'm literally the latest of late people to the Strava party. Have been happy for years with keeping myself to myself on Garmin. I've got the VeloViewer bolt on so as to look at all the segments i've ridden over the years - lots of smug, self satisfied...
  17. Newman8

    Clement Strada review (vs Veloflex, etc)

    Bit of tyre advice required - Clement Strada vs Veloflex Master vs anything else, (700c x 23mm), tan wall preferred, but all black acceptable. But first - a long term review of Clement Strada LGG 700c x 25mm, tan wall, 60TPI: Need to replace these now as centre tread on rear tyre is worn &...
  18. borchgrevink

    Sync new workout mode to Strava

    How do you guys sync workout mode activities to Strava? Possible via Garmin sync and tapiriik or something else?
  19. Boon 51

    New Strava Account.

    I have a Strava account and used it up till I broke my hip in a bike accident 4 months ago and in a months time I hope to get back on my bikes again but I will be starting from scratch so my first mile will be my first mile. so can I have another name on Strava I will I have to delete my...
  20. simon the viking

    How to do your fastest commute ever.....and get Strava P.B's........

    Easy.... offer to cycle home with a work colleague who lives near you..... Who mountain bikes, posts videos of himself trick unicycling (annoyingly he's really good...) and rides a road bike as his normal transport.... and most importantly only does part time as he is still in six form so has...
  21. Slick

    Strava Kudos?

    I hesitated to post this, as I know Strava bores some to tears, but if you don't ask, you will never know. I only use the free version for my own use to make sure I'm putting in some effort during my commute rides. All of a sudden, I have guys from Mexico and Brazil sending me "Kudos" messages...
  22. dim

    Strava Elevation Question

    On sunday, I went for a ride (92km with an elevation of just over 700 meters) According to Strava, my previous best climbing ride was 103 m, yet on my profile page, it still shows my biggest climb as 103 meters? Just a bit puzzled, as it has not updated since sunday? I uploaded from my Garmin...
  23. maxfox44

    Strava Premium cost difference

    Hi Guys I've been using Strava free for 18 months or so now and having got a Garmin Edge 820, I thought I'd go premium and get the segments live on screen to add a bit of interest. I'm slightly puzzled by the cost. If I go on their website and "go premium" it's £39.99/yr or £3.99/mo. But if...
  24. Mojonaut

    Strava sharing to Facebook broken?

    Anyone use Strava website and share to Facebook? It's worked fine for the past couple of years, it copies across the ride details and a mini map of the ride, for the last few days though nothing. If I manually paste the Strava activity url and post onto Facebook all I see is the html link and...
  25. HarryTheDog

    Strava Fly-by setting or bug?

    On my commute I shadowed a guy going at a decent rate for a few miles then he turned off. When I got home I looked to see if he was on fly-by, he did not show up but someone further up the road did so I looked at their fly-bys and the guy just in front of me appeared on their list. Also when I...
  26. grellboy

    Kids on Strava - Sharing my Garmin?

    Having recently wowed the kids with two KOMs on Strava (they are easily impressed due to a lifetime of paternal underachievement!) they now both want me to make them a Strava account so they can record times too: basically, I think they just want to see their names on a chart somewhere! Anyway I...
  27. helston90

    Garmin and Strava Live

    Finally got on board the Garmin band wagon with a 520, one of my reasons for wanting this one is the Strava Live Segments. I have very little time to do cycling so tend to go for a jolly good all out thrash whenever I get a chance- the Strava Live has really pushed me to increase my...
  28. grellboy

    Is this cheating?

    Only been on Strava a couple of weeks and just bagged my first KOM - out of 360. Now whilst my fellow Strivers ( Stravettes?) may be in awe of my newfound prowess, I know it was almost solely achieved due to my shameless manipulation of the wind conditions. There is a north facing straight...
  29. Moe

    Strava Ghost Rider Problem

    My two cycling buddies and I are all on Strava, (Hilary, Julie and me) on one of our rides Julie used Hilary's computer to log a ride we did, she logged into her own account and used her own garmin watch. but, since then Hilary cannot get her off our rides, even though Julie is not there with us...
  30. G

    How to add heart rate data to Strava rides

    It is frustrating when you are using HRM data to monitor your fitness (e.g. Strava fitness and freshness) and you end up with a ride with no HRM data, either because you forgot to wear your HR band or the battery went. Here is a way you can insert an average HR across the ride: I managed to...
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