1. R

    Why do Strava segments move?

    Noticed on a couple of Strava segments that I like to use to monitor my times on that the end of the segment has moved by 50 yards or so - one now takes me onto a roundabout (used to stop short), and another now finishes round the corner from where it did before. Any ideas why this is happening...
  2. Tin Pot

    Strava, your information & GDPR

    Has anyone analysed their new terms and conditions? This sentence stood out to me: You own your content, but give us a right to use it. ...Use it how?
  3. T

    Strava is a Flawed App

    I did a experiment .... It can't differentiate to what method of transport you use . I switched it on to record a route whereby i broke recs etc . Even though i was travelling by train . Hahahaha Do you think for a sec someone that follows would evrn notice Hardly
  4. busdennis

    3D prints of your strava routes

    A while ago i saw an advert where you could buy a print created from your strava data in the style ITV use to highlight stages of the TDF. A google search just brings adverts for Strava apps or examples of strava art (of which some are very good.) Has anybody bought a poster and can recommend a...
  5. S

    Strava thicky. How on earth did this guy become a policeman?
  6. Broughtonblue

    Strava home location

    I seem to remember a setting on strava where you can hide your start/stop location so as not to alert undesirables where you live and keep your bikes. I think it hides your location by about 50 metres. Can someone point me to where it is as i cant seem to find it?
  7. robjh

    Strava GPS recording problems. Phone-related?

    I have at long last tried to move into the Strava age, using the app on my phone, and set the recording mode to GPS only (rather than GPS + data to save on battery + my data allowance). Over several days, I have not managed to get a whole ride recorded. I either get the start or end missing, and...
  8. A

    Bkool workout sync with Strava

    Anyone figured out if this can be done? It can push through to Training Peaks but not Strava.
  9. jifdave

    Strava fitness score?

    Hi All, Just wondering does anyone know of a scale for the strava (premium) fitness score? I don't cycle as much as I should due to injury, did about 1200 miles last year and i'm up to around 850 this year. My peak fitness score is 87. My brother in law does cycle much more than me, 3000 miles...
  10. Iainj837

    Calories on Strava

    On my Garmin it says 1225 for calories but on Strava says 360 Also ascent on the Garmin is 251.0 But on Strava says 560
  11. Shortandcrisp

    Help! How to link Zwift to Strava on an iPad?

    As the title suggests, can’t seem to find a way to link to Strava (or any other program for that matter). I only use an iPhone and iPad for both and there doesn’t seem to be a function for this as far as I can make out. Any suggestions?
  12. ColinJ

    New Strava club ...

    I just received an email telling me about a Strava club seeking new 'members' ... :whistle: Pass! :laugh:
  13. Tin Pot

    Strava Run Annual KOM?

    Im no.1 this year on a run segment...where’s my *!#? crown? :becool:
  14. Blue Hills

    Strava - even more dangerous than I thought
  15. Colin_P

    Garmin swim syncing to Strava no worky

    Dear Men / Women from Atlantis, I hope you can help... After a hiatus of about twenty years, or so, I decided it would be a good idea to start proper * swimming again. To really get me interested I thought "gadgets" and went out and bought a Garmin Swim watch. Slightly nervous I went for my...
  16. Gary E

    Photos not showing up on Strava

    My Strava Profile page used to display 3 photos accross the top but now nothing is showing at all (apart from the round profile image that is). I've checked the settings and I've not done anything to turn them off. I very rarely upload any images to Strava so, when I do, I'd like them to show...
  17. Harv

    Looking for Zwift / Strava friends

    Feel free to add me. I'll do the same.
  18. Brandane

    Strava snowman in London. Anyone here?
  19. Welsh wheels

    Funny strava segment name

    I cycled a road near me for the first time and was tickled by the segment name. The road runs round the back of the local hospital, past the maternity ward. The segment name is the Last Push.
  20. I

    I think Ebike users should have a dedicated section on Strava??

    As the title says I work with a bloke who uses one, and is on Strava, and every day it`s "3rd overall" this and "2nd overall" that, an it`s plain and simple that he`s clocking these top 10`s, and god forbid KOM`s, and making NO EFFORT whatsoever, the bike is doing all the work. I have precious...
  21. nickAKA

    Strava / Stravistix stats - anyone understand 'TRIMP'?

    Afternoon all, I've been loosely following British Cycling's 4 week training plan for improving climbing ability so I've learned a bit about heart rate zones etc as I've stepped up the training. It's definitely paying off, so I'm now delving a bit deeper into the available stats on Strava to...
  22. Slick

    Linking Strava using a Garmin 200?

    I know that you can do it, but can anyone simplify the whole process for me, as I'm really struggling to get my head around this?
  23. Smokin Joe

    Handbags at STRAVA

    STRAVA is I suppose a harmless little bit of fun that no doubt satisfies a few egos. But it isn't proper competition and it really doesn't warrant taking too seriously. Some people don't seem to get that however -...
  24. C

    Strava Support complaint tickets - any success?

    I've got a few rides lately where I'm missing a lot of segments that I've never had a problem with before. I sent in a ticket but I'm wondering if - given the number of these things they must receive - I'm going to have any success. Has anybody got experience with this?
  25. sanddancer

    Lost strava account help

    Hi all. Having factory reset my mobile last night I now have another strava account and can't log into my old one. I know my old one still exists so I'm wondering if anyone has had the same problem and could offer some advice please ?
  26. Rupie

    The great Strava moving time Con

    Went out on a charity ride today, horrible in the rain, many people had punctures. I was lucky and when I got home found out my official time, and posted it on line for other cycle friends to see. A group of other cyclists were 30 minutes behind me because they kept stopping for rests and one...
  27. Tin Pot

    Strava vs CycleChat....fight!

    Looks like Strava want to take us on, and they may have our number already :laugh: Apparently I'm part of an exclusive trial that gets this feature..!
  28. Globalti

    How accurate is Strava in measuring height gain?

    Last night's hooligan ride produced widely varying measures of height gain: Rider A using Strava: 3337 feet Rider B using Strava: 3048 feet Self using Bikehike after the ride: 2914 feet. I find Bikehike accurate on distance measuring; my Cateye measured 37.82 miles and Bikehike gave me 37.35...
  29. I

    Is Strava playing up?

    For 24 hours now I haven`t seen anything of the live feed, and no activity of any kind. I can upload as usual, but nobody else is showing. Can`t see anything in the settings that would cause this? Anybody else?
  30. D

    Cycling best efforts on Strava

    I'm interested in finding out, for example, my best ever 10 mile time on Strava, but I know this may have formed part of a longer ride. But Strava, for some reason, don't do the equivalent of best efforts for cycling, as they do for running. And they don't seem interested in implementing it...
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