1. simon the viking

    Does exercise bike mileage count towards yearly Strava mileage?

    Mrs V is considering getting an exercise bike - I've suggested an interactive roller and subscription but she's not listening as it would have to be in the dining room so.... If i use said exercise bike would a manual entry on Strava be an acceptable thing to do.... I was going to stream old...
  2. BurningLegs

    Strava removing support for Bluetooth sensors

    I like to ride with my iPhone recording rides, and a bluetooth HRM (Wahoo Tickr) but from 28th of October, the Strava app will no longer sync with Bluetooth sensors: I'm sure it...
  3. wyre forest blues

    Strava - Kudos.

    I'm in a cycling club and use Strava. I give Kudos to cyclists when I think they have achieved something over and above their normal achievements. What I cant understand is why many give Kudos for everything. For example, a cyclist in our club today did less than 2 miles on a 'virtual ride' but...
  4. HLaB

    Strava FTP calculator?

    Does anyone know what Witchcraft strava uses to calculate FTP. Its calculated 280w for me based on the last 6weeks, yet my 20mins best in that time is only 268w and for a actual 1 hour I've only did 245w :wacko:
  5. G3CWI

    Strava e-bike calories (nonsense?)

    Just did an experiment and Strava stated the same number of calories for a "Ride" or an "e-bike ride". Obviously both will be wrong to some extent but one must be more wrong than the other! I cant see how it can ever calculate the calories for an e-bike ride without having a lot more data.
  6. PeteXXX

    Privacy, and what we put out there on Garmin, Strava etc.

    Interesting article (to me, anyway) regarding privacy with FIT files, Garmin, Strava etc. from a running site, but equally pertinent here. ~Privacy article~
  7. Leaway2

    Strava upload problems 6 Aug 19

    I had problem uploading to Strava over the weekend. I checked with the site which stated that due to a high number of users, there was a delay. This later appeared on the upload page. I left the site and came back later to try again. This morning it appears the rides did upload, although I got...
  8. ianbarton

    Subscribing to Strava: which pack?

    I have used Stravs for years, but just to record my rides as a reference. I am not interested in KOM's or competing with other riders. However, I would be interested in the Analysis Pack. I have several local rides, between 50km and 100km and would be interested in seeing my relative performance...

    Strava Refuse To Continue Working With Relive

    Interesting and not good news for those who use their phones to produce Relive videos.
  10. Sunny Portrush

    Garmin 520/Wahoo Bolt/Smartphone using Strava app

    I have a Garmin Edge 25 and think it`s a great wee unit, it`s never let me down and gives me everything I want. The problem is with me and my failing eyes! So, I`m thinking of upgrading but which is best for me? I only really want speed, distance and time with a facility to load and follow a...
  11. bluezelos

    Strava getting max speed wrong?

    I hope this is in the right section. After my ride today using my Wahoo Bolt, it has uploaded the information to Strava. However the bolt is showing a max speed of 28.2mph yet Strava is showing 43.2 mph even though I didn't have it on during the ride. It has just received the info from the...
  12. Katherine

    Strava Celebrates Pride Month

    If you want to support Pride Month and you have Strava. I have just edited my June rides by adding this rainbow emoji and now I have coloured lines on my strava maps. Edit. The rainbow emoji didn't work on here. Nor did the link.. Bear with me.
  13. Rooster1

    Strava grabbing LinkedIn data

    I've been on Strava for about 8 years now and never once has it suggested I connect with someone in my work circles, until recently. A couple of Suggested people have started to appear that I only know on LinkedIn,. I use the both Strava and LinkeIn on my iPhone and on Mozilla / Chrome on the...
  14. The Central Scrutinizer

    Strava Photos

    I always think posted strava rides always look nice when they are accompanied with photos. I have never taken any photos because i have read on some occasions it might freeze strava or actually turn it off. It would be nice to have some feedback on this as i would like to tag some photos with my...
  15. Jody

    Strava scamblers

    This popped up on my Faceache earlier so thought I would share it. Apparently some local authorities are using GPS scramblers to stop Strava users racing round, both on road and off. I've not seen them personally but someone mentioned that some trails in the peaks had now become GPS black...
  16. Levo-Lon

    Strava... Cant find where to post a Q

    Anyhow. My strave continues to go off during rides, then after phone reboot it says its recovered.. No it hasn't. It then gives me a false log, and does straight line back to start. Any ideas? Is this likely to be phone or strava app? If i go out with son in law i just get him to share the...
  17. Spartak

    Strava Route Builder App.

    Great new feature on Strava via the latest update.... Route builder for the app. Allows you to create a route by roughly drawing route Strava then converts it..... See pics below for example.... More details here...
  18. JhnBssll

    Strava Payment

    By chance I had two emails arrive one after another a few weeks back telling me I'd paid my Strava Summit subscription. This piqued my interest so instead of deleting them I had a quick scan read of them both. I'm glad I did as the first told me I'd paid for my annual subs and the next told me...
  19. steveindenmark

    Phallic Strava rides

    I saw this item over the weekend and thought it a bit odd but funny. It wont be long before parts of the female anatomy appears on Strava
  20. Slick

    Another Strava Question.

    I used to religiously upload my rides to Strava every day then every week and once I had to make my account private there didn't seem a lot of point so months could pass before I would get round to it but no more as I now have one of those watches that uploads everything automatically even some...
  21. cosmicbike

    Discrepencies Between Strava & Veloviewer?

    According to Strava I have done 8,007.7 miles in 2018. Veloviewer says 8,118 miles. I figured since VV gets it's figures from Strava they would be the same? Occasionally VV will give me say 10.6 miles vs Strava giving 10.5 miles (with the recorded ride on Garmin being 10.56 miles), but I don't...
  22. derrick

    Strava Toolbox

    Not to shabby for a pensioner.
  23. steveindenmark

    Strava Heatmap

    I am a paid up member of Strava but have never used Heatmap. When I go into my account - Dashboard - Heatmaps. Only my personal rides appear. I want to use heatmaps to plan a route across europe. How do I see all of the heatmap routes?
  24. Surlydave

    Strava clubs.

    Hi, can anyone tell me why all the stats from any ride I do are not automatically transferred to the stats of all the clubs I am in. So far all are 0 for mileage and climbing, whereas they are 2262 miles and 86233ft climbing. Many thanks.
  25. Sjw

    How do i do the Strava thingy?

    So buzzing. Did a 6 mile ride, could have carried on but I'll do more next time. First ride an all! On an ebike, made these hills so easy!
  26. Slower than you

    Strava training q.

    hi all, apologies if Wrong place... I’m trying a training on Strava and it keeps telling me to get my watts up and cadence. However, when I reach the right wattage, my cadence is still too low. When I then bring up my Cadence, the wattage goes way too high… I just can’t find the balance...
  27. A

    Virtual Cycling Challenge - Tour de Prem

    Event title: Get Active For AITC - Tour de Prem Event date/s: 18 August - Sunday 12th August 2018 Event location: Virtual Event organiser: Albion in the Community Your relationship: Fundraising Executive Cost of entry: Free Minimum sponsorship: N/A Beneficiary: Albion in the Community Event...
  28. Tin Pot

    Strava Oops

    :blush: Yeah So was quite excited to see a crown on my upload to Strava just now...then realised I hadn’t switched off record when I’d jumped off the bike into the car. I can’t be he only one to have done this. Can you edit it yourself or do you have to contact their support?
  29. mustang1

    Strava Summit

    Are there any Strava Premium members moving over to Strava Summit? I think I will keep Premium if I'm still getting all the features I want. Next time I look at my analysis data and don't see what I'm looking for, I may hop over to one of the Summit packages. ...or I may just cancel...
  30. Rooster1

    Summer Strava Rides

    I love seeing people I follow on Strava suddenly popup doing a ride of Ventoux when only the day before you passed them on the local roads. My turn soon - not the alps, but Northumberland
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