1. Tripster

    Brake bleed kit for SRAM Level T

    Any particular one anyone uses and can recommend or just an SRAM brake bleed kit that comes up on a google search ? Also any recommendations on replacement pads for the level T’s Ta in advance
  2. M

    Sram Rival 11 speed STI for sale or swap . just putting it out there

    Hi all I have a set of Sram rival 11 speed shifters , at the moment attached to a planet x stem and handle bars (London Road version) Shiffters in full working condition tear in one rubber hood but has glued ok. Would make a great winter build additioin Are looking for a swap for a set of winter...
  3. P

    sram rival hydraulic shifter

    The bolt or rivet on my shifter comes loose and comes out a bit whenever i go over the rough stuff, Im riding on the hoods with mt hands over the bolt just to keep it in place. Any suggestions?
  4. Magpies

    SRAM Apex front derailleur problem

    I'm trying out a bike fitted with a SRAM Apex drivetrain (50/34T compact crankset, chain, shifters, derailleurs, 10-speed 11-32T cassette) using the "double tap" shift system, and am posting to ask for advice. The rear derailleur shifts sweetly and precisely, but I'm having a problem with the...
  5. GmanUK65

    New brakepads on SRAM Apex disk brakes not quite right

    My front brake pads wore down to the metal so bought some new ones. The official ones for SRAM Apex are £25, too expensive. I came across some Noah & Theo pads for a much cheaper price so bought them. A friend advised me to buy them as they worked fine on his though I don't know what brand and...
  6. Gazjacko

    Sram S60 convert from 10s to 11s

    I have a set of used Sram S60 carbon wheels running with a Sram 9/10s freehub. Currently they’re on my 10s road bike but I’m wondering what I’d heave to do to enable me to fit an 11s cassette on and use with my Cervelo S5. It definitely is a short free hub body so not a spacer issue. I’m just...
  7. albal

    Sram red crankset

    Currently running 10 speed sram red FD/RD and double tap shifters. Sram rival 10 speed 50-34 crankset. Question is can I upgrade crankset to a sram red 11 speed 53-39?. Obviously will require a new chain. Tho not sure if my existing FD will suffice. It's not a YAW. Thanks
  8. D

    Sram Dual Drive

    I am looking at used Bike Fridays as a possible N+1 (many of them are fitted with dual drive). I have read some damning reviews by end users online and wondered what the good folk at CC think of this system
  9. kiwifruit

    Jockeys Wheel sram to shimano

    I need to change my GX SRAM jockey wheels with 11 teeth, one of the tooth has come snap off on yesterday’s ride. Can I used any Shimano 11T jockey wheel?
  10. Venod

    New SRAM Cassette

    The first thoughts on seeing this is its something for @SkipdiverJohn to buy ;)
  11. zomarzi

    Sram X4 Trigger Shifter Rear

    Preferably good condition.
  12. E

    Sram rival brake failure

    (Yes, I have just found out touching this liquid is not recommended) I have just had a complete failure of rear brake, upon inspection liquid came out through this tiny pinhole next to serial number. Pistons are not moving at all, it seems no pressure at all in the system Is the brake salvable?
  13. vickster

    SRAM Shimano compatibility

    New bike comes with Tiagra 20 speed and mechanical discs. I’ll try it, but as I prefer SRAM and have spare shifters, I may convert. I’ve ordered a rear mech in case as I know that will need to be changed. But how about the front? TIA :okay:
  14. Shut Up Legs

    SRAM Red eTap AXS vs Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 R9150 ?

    I'm considering buying another bike, and for the first time getting electronic shifting, but I don't know which of the abovementioned groupsets is better. Comments, anyone? Regards & thanks, --- Victor.
  15. Brento10

    SRAM Force rear derailleur chain sagging

    I have fitted a new KMC 11spd chain to my SRAM Force 22 groupset . In the 34t ring my chain is sagging has not done this previously it results in my chain meshing against itself when in 34t front and 5th cog at the rear The spring tension appears to be ok in the rear derailleur . Any advice...
  16. Outlaw Hobbs

    SRAM Force 22 crank arms or complete crankset 165mm

    Does anyone have, or know of, a set of SRAM Force 22 crank arms 165mm and 130 BCD for sale. I have a set of 172.5 mm which I'd be happy to swap. This is a very long shot I know! They seem hard to find even brand new. For my TT bike, to improve comfort, cadence and aero ^_^.
  17. DSK

    Thoughts - To Di2/SRAM or sell

    I was lucky enough a little while ago to add a bike to my fleet that I have kept quiet about. 2013/2014 Giant TCR Advanced with a Shimano Ultegra (6870? correct me if I'm wrong) DI2 conversion. I only bought as it has a very healthy DI2 system and also its a bike I lusted after for quite some...
  18. E

    Sram 12 sp chain on 11 sp drivetrain

    Is anybody runing a 12sp chain on 11sp drivetrain? I am asking as I've just seen this And if we suppose (big IF) it would be cheaper to run x01 chain than basically any other. There is some anecdotal...
  19. R

    SRAM ETAP RED loose RD cage??

    The RD of my SRAM RED ETAP has what seems like a loose cage. I can waggle it, this causes the chain to catch adjacent gears making indexing almost impossible, I have a short vid showing the movement and will try to upload it. Ideas please. cant upload the vid, it doesnt have an allowed...
  20. Brento10


    My SRAM Force 22 2015 R/H shifter cable stop made from red plastic is broken. Does anyone have an idea where I can source a replacement mechanism , I do not require the brake lever or shift lever the housing is ok as well. Any suggestions would be welcome.
  21. tornadotony

    105 & SRAM Cassettes Clearout

    105 CS 5700 11 - 28 10 speed cassette roughly 900 miles £12 105 CS 5700 11 - 27 10 speed cassette roughly 1500 miles £10 SRAM 12- 27 10 speed cassette roughly 1100 miles £10 Collection from Maidstone or £3 post
  22. M

    Tools required to remove a Cassette SRAM PG 850 11-32?

    Does anyone know the exact tools required to remove a SRAM PG 850 11-32 Cassette? I'm in the UK and a link to these tools would be good. Cheers!
  23. Levo-Lon

    Sram mech spares, anyone know who sells them, chain cage

    Trashed my mech chain cage today and it seems you can only buy the outer? Anyone know where i can get the whole cage, its a GX 11 speed mtb mech for 11-42 cassette
  24. N

    SRAM - A little bit crap

    I have a Planet X London Road which I used for commuting. It has SRAM Rival gears and brakes and I'm not impressed. The gears whilst positive and reliable are clunky compared to my last bike which had Shimano Sora gears and Techno brakes. The hoods are not comfortable and the brakes are not as...
  25. vickster

    SRAM Rival rear mech 10 speed

    Medium cage (wifi) needed potentially (11-32 cassette). Might just be hanger, but want to be prepared if LBS says the mech is fubared TIA
  26. autolycus

    Sram X7 Front Mech Problems

    It's been a problem for a year now, including a trip to Evans. I thought i had it beaten recently with a new chain, shifter overhaul etc and it's been working beautifully for a week. Then out of the blue today a front change down and a horrible seizure that i could only undo by slamming the...
  27. Levo-Lon

    No longer available

    As per pic, full groupset Sram GX 24 mm axle Raceface crankset, with 3 chainwheels 28-30 oval and a standard 32 Not had a hard life as still new ish, bought bike this year. £150 posted Open to offers
  28. Custom24

    Sram Rival Front Derailleur Keeps Failing - why?

    Hi I have a Planet X Rt-58D. Carbon frame with a Sram Rival groupset. It's 3 years old now with probably 15,000 miles. Chain and cassette are new (I think I am on my second or third cassette) - I've not changed the chain rings. I clean the drivetrain regularly with the Mickle method. The...
  29. R

    Planet X Titanium On-One Pickenflick - SRAM Rival hydraulic - Small - No longer available

    Hi Folks, I am wanting to move this bike on simply because I have never really ridden it since getting it and it deserves to be used. It was purchased via CycleChat from a member who is no longer active. A version of this is current stock on Planet X. The stem on the bike is the one that came...
  30. ren531

    Sram S7 hub gear problem

    Does anyone have experience of the Sram S7 hub gear been commuting with this for more than 2 years mostly reliably but I'm having trouble with the gear change ,the indicator rods are good the adjustment is good ,its either the click box or the twist grip ,the cable snapped in the twist grip but...
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