1. Zipp2001

    The ice trails are disappearing

    Well it looks as if this winter has been a bust over on this side of the pond. We only got a tad over 51 inches of snow and for most of winter the trails have been ice. I'll stay off most of the single track trails while they dry out and mainly stay on the what I call fire road trails. They are...
  2. Zipp2001

    Ice Trails !

    Finally we get some snow followed by freezing rain and then a nice sunny crisp day to go play. Last weekend the trails were such a challenge just to stay up. Today they were a blast and the crisp temps froze everything. It was 10 degrees with the wind chill / -12.2 Celsius. I spent a tad over 2...
  3. T.M.H.N.E.T

    Ice Riding

    Think she's covered that nicely.. When you will do absolutely anything to "inflluence" the sale of a product,even fall off twice.. View:
  4. Bad Machine

    ICE mesh seat repair with SeamGrip (urethane glue) ?

    Has anyone had experience of using the "McNett/GearAid SeamGrip seam sealer and outdoor repair adhesive" to repair frayed and broken threads on an ICE mesh seat ? My aim is to stop the frayed threads from unravelling any further. Their description - " ...urethane rubber adhesive provides a...
  5. Salty seadog

    I want an ice free car in the morning.

    What are your recommendations. I leave at 7am and don't want to be scraping everyday really. Any decent windscreen covers or hacks. Most helpful answer wins a prize. 🤫
  6. Y

    For Sale ICE Trikes Mudguard set

    Brand new just trial fitted see link for details: ICE Accessories Fronts will fit any non suspension trike, rear is for VTX or Vortex. Selling for half retail price plus postage, willing to split Front/Rear. Please message for photos or if further info is required. Ian
  7. Y

    ICE VTX Sold

  8. Y

    ICE Trike VTX - SOLD

    ICE Trike VTX - SOLD
  9. voyager

    Fitting a Tongsheng tsdz2 on an ice sprint

    This is the quick fitting thread on fitting a tsdz2 middi drive to a trike. Firstly The cables supplied will be the wrong length for a recumbent as they are designed for a D/F frame . The remote aux switch and speed sensor needed to be cut and extended by 75cm and almost a metre extension added...
  10. gareth01244

    Shimano 6600 SL ice grey groupset 50/34 compact for sale

    I have a full ultegra sl ice grey groupset for sale, it's in great condition as I was hoarding it for a future build. The shifters are in amazing condition with one still having it's protective cover on. The chainset is a 170mm with 50/34 rings, currently fitted with a 33t inner. Original 34t...

    ICE QNT Gets Electrified - Tongsheng TSDZ2 Content!

    The hills on the Isle of Wight finally wore me down so this week I installed e-assist. When the weather breaks I'll be on a date with a baddest hill on the island!

    FS - WindWrap XT Fairing & Bracket For ICE Trike

    FOR SALE! WINDWRAP XT FAIRING + BRACKET Folks, after a lot of thought and sighs, I'm going to sell my WindWrap XT fairing, together with the bracket I manufactured and the chain guard that it utilises to attach to the trike. The reason being is I've fitted a TongSheng motor to the QNT which...
  13. Denis99

    For sale: ICE Adventure rear suspension trike

    After some consideration and thought I am selling my ICE Adventure recumbent trike. I bought this trike direct from ICE, its a 2017 model, but since buying I have changed the drive chain system to 3 x 10 speed bar end shifting, added front mudguards, accessory posts. New tyres. Trike has only...

    THE HORNET Is Born! ICE QNT Windwrap XT DIY Bracket Install

    OK, this will be my last thread for a while as "The Hornet" (as she's now affectionately known :biggrin:) is complete! Today I received a new Windwrap XT fairing from Icletta and set about fabricating a bracket for it. Actually, I made the bracket a couple of weeks ago for a cheap fairing that I...
  15. Zipp2001

    Skating on thin ice !

    It has been a crazy winter with far more ice than snow, and now throw in two days of hotter than normal temps. That makes for some thin ice and some very wet and tricky grooves to ride on. But how can you not have fun getting all wet and muddy for three hours after work. View...

    ICE QNT With Archeer A106 Bluetooth Speaker Installed In Headrest

    As the title suggests, I wanted radio (both from a standard radio and also from my phone) but in the form of a speaker instead of headphones. I'm not keen on wearing headphones when riding and I rarely listen to anything but talk radio so it won't disturb anyone, especially as it's right behind...
  17. Zipp2001

    Fat bike fun on ice !

    Winter has been running late as far as snow goes, but at least I still get to play on some ice. Went to check how the ice fishing was going and they couldn't understand how I was able to stay up on the ice with my bike. They never heard of studded tires for bikes, so they thought that was cool...

    Shout Out For ICE Trikes

    Have purchased a used trike in Cornwall I needed to get it shipped to me on the Isle of Wight. The couriers on Shiply were nothing short of a joke with 2 not answering messages after submitting a quote and the third telling me he'd get it done some time in the next 3 1/2 months. You couldn't...
  19. M

    My Vandalized ICE Trike Update

    I have received 2 second hand front wheels from a kind person and in the next few weeks i will try and fit them, (i am working hard on something i need to see through before i do any more to my trike). I noticed that my 9 speed shifter obviously had, had the cable stamped on so i have as the...
  20. Denis99

    ICE & Copenhagen wheel

    I have an ICE Adventure recumbent and ordered a Copenhagen wheel to transform the trike into e power. The primary reason for going down this route was the flexibility it offered over the Shimano Steps or GoSwiss drive. It was also cheaper. Means I can still ride the recumbent without any...
  21. M

    Been Tinkering with ICE T

    Been tinkering a bit, i put some threadlock blue on my rack light and i have finally fitted my handlebar QR's and applied some thread lock to the tiny grub screw which holds the QR in place when loose. The jury is out on how i want to do my 3 extra rear lights (4 with the rack light but he is...
  22. Mini58

    Carrying an Ice Trike on a Motorhome

    I have a Swift Suntor Motorhome: any thoughts on how I could carry my Ice Adventure? I have a tow bar my wife also has a bike. Kind Regards Alan
  23. M

    My First Ride On MY ICE T

    here it is, my first ride on my ICE T, this is the first time i have turned the pedals on it or sat on it since Kev at D-TEK adjusted my leg length, (thanks Kev). I really like this trike, it feels easier and i am now a happy ICE man. I just have to find an easier way to get through my main...
  24. M

    My new wheels ICE T

    I went and bought my ICE T trike today and i highly recommend Kevin at D-TEK as he is very helpful, informative and fair, would highly recommend and would purchase again without hesitation. I also have some bits n bobs to put on it as time goes by so will post pics when i do so, so in the...
  25. Lanky

    Totally unfair comparison. Pashley PDQ3 Vs Ice Sprint

    I haven't got either trike, but just curious. Apart from God like thighs and a couple of titanium bolts what would you need to blast past a Ice Sprint on a Pashley PDQ3?
  26. DCBassman


    As in "In Case of Emergency". The thread on the poor guy from Abingdon reminded me to check my ICE marker. Simply a post-it with appropriate details tucked away in the corner of my pack with the PFairy kit. All present and correct. On my phone also. What do you do?
  27. neil earley

    Sneak peak of my e assist Ice sprint X

    Sold my vortex due to health conditions which are getting worse unfortunately! Had numerous ops to my spine [FUSION] which left me with nerve damage mostly affecting my right leg. Any case after battling skin cancer [ NOT MELANOMA THAN GOODNESS] now have a tear in my right shoulder [ ROTATING...
  28. BlackPanther

    Ice Trice Borealis shell for sale. NOW SOLD!!!

    Due to a change of commute, and a 2nd family car, I am no longer using the Borealis as it doesn’t mix with cycle path obstructions. I am looking mainly to sell the shell, as the mint Trice QNT underneath is easy to carry over said path obstructions, and I’d like to keep her, but I would consider...
  29. B

    Cyclone Trekking Trailer recumbent ice trike 20 inch

    listed on ebay but i can do £300 direct on here. pay pal gift payment is best there just sitting unused.
  30. fossala

    ICE 26-QNT

    I've just picked up this after a brief test ride. I'll try it out for longer after work tomorrow. It's my first recumbent and it's in very good condition. Hope the transition goes well.
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