1. C

    For Sale: 2014 Genesis CdF 52cm

    £650.00 This is my Genesis Cdf that I’m reluctantly selling for medical reasons. Paint work is immaculate having been covered in helicopter tape until recently. All mechanicals work as expected. In February 2020 I paid over £600 on upgrades, and have ridden the bike for less than 200 miles...
  2. S

    Genesis Vagabond size Large SOLD

    Genesis Vagabond size large in good condition. Built up from frameset in 2018 3 x 9 speed with bar end shifters on Velo Orange handlebar mounts (currently set up friction but could be indexed) Shimano MT400 hydraulic brakes Geoff (Jones copy) bars Schwalbe Big Ben 2” tyres The Vagabond is a...
  3. CXRAndy

    Genesis making ebikes

    Genesis have announced two of their popular models are available with motors. A little pricey £2999.00 Mine was £425 for the basic bike, £800 for motor and battery £199 for lights and dynamo. I wonder if they spotted my wife's Columbia ladies conversion and thought there is an idea...
  4. BearKnots

    SOLD! Genesis Longitude, Medium "Go Anywhere, Do Anything!" Mountain Bike. For Sale! immaculate condition! like New!

    How Do All, Due to ongoing problems with my back, torn shoulder and now a torn calf muscle, I have been slowly advertising most of my bikes, trikes and unicycles for sale as I no longer find cycling the joy it was. Here I have my "Immaculate Condition" Genesis Longitude, go anywhere, do...
  5. W

    Max tyre clearance Genesis Equilibrium 2018 rim brake.

    I just picked up a lightly used Genesis Equilibrium, and I’m probably going to swap the tyres out very soon to Conti GP5000. I use 32c on my current (gravel) bike, and want to stay as big as reasonable on the new one as I’m ~19 stone just now and want to give the bike and especially the rims a...
  6. TTSS

    2021 Genesis Longitude - Medium. £895. SOLD.

    2021 Genesis Longitude - Grey. Double Butted Chromoly frame & forks. 700c Ryde Andra 321 wheelset (black rims & hubs), 36h XT Dynamo front hub. 36h XT rear hub. XT QR skewers. SS Spokes. Deore compact triple chain set. XT rear mech with clutch, SLX front mech. Shimano Saint flat pedals...
  7. D

    Genesis Day One Alfine

    For sale, my barely used Day One Alfine 8 speed. It's simply taking up space since we downsized. These are £850 direct from Genesis, as a guide. It is fitted with full mudguards and a full rear rack, they're included in the price. According to SportTracks, I've ridden it only 863 miles (I am...
  8. Bonefish Blues

    Childs Bike: Genesis Alpha 24 (24" wheel) Islabike/Frog equivalent. Excellent condition Reduced £199 SOLD

    For sale is my daughter's latest bike, which she has been riding since 7-8 years old. It's in great condition, key components having been protected by helicopter tape (and, to her credit, due in no small part to her having only one minor spill on!). There is a chip on the fork crown and some...
  9. uphillstruggler

    My Beloved Genesis Croix De Fer

    Hello All sad day today. found my shed doors open yesterday with the Genesis Croix De Fer Gone. shed door forced open, lock cut. definitely over night, not that that matters. definitely professional as there is no real access to my garden apart from across other gardens via small alleys. My...
  10. russ.will

    Budget wheelset for Genesis Equilibrium 20

    I've picked up an Equilibrium 20 in decent working order, apart from the wheels which are tired to say the least. It's going to be my partners commuter, but as it only cost £450, I'm unwilling to spend too much on the wheels. My current thoughts are Prolite Bortolla A21W or Pacenti Brevet...
  11. T

    Genesis day One chain tensioners

    Good Morning, I want to change the tensioners on rear wheel as they are a bit naff, searched about and come up with zilch. Anyone help or has anyone changed theirs out ? Suppose no real reason but thinking of ‘tarting’ mi Genesis up a bit. A fello CC’er had a cross version with brown bar tape so...
  12. Son Of Anarchy

    SOLD - Genesis Tour De Fer 30 -SOLD

    It is with sadness (tinged with a hint of excitement) that I must offer up for sale my mint condition TDF 30, medium sized frame I managed to secure one of the last remaining models recently and have ridden it just once on a 100...
  13. wafter

    Genesis releases 2021 Croix De Fer range (and others)

    While researching my CdF purchase earlier in the year I became a proper spec nerd, and while I'm very happy with mine and have neither the inclination nor funds to chop it in for a new one, I'm always interested in how the marque evolves and so if anyone's interested below is a broad-strokes...
  14. JPBoothy

    WANTED - Genesis SS Flyer (2015/2016 model)

    HELP - I am currently 'and reluctantly' selling my Genesis Flyer SS because it is to small (50cm) for me but, I like the bike so much that I woud like to replace/swap it with the next size up (M 52cm). Mine is the 2015 Cherry Red model (the nicest yet IMO) but, I would be happy with the 2016...
  15. JPBoothy

    Genesis Flyer Single Speed

    *Sorry, I'm struggling to load photos but I can send them another way to anybody interested.. The item for sale is my much cherished Genesis Flyer Single Speed road bike finished a beautiful metallic cherry red. The frame size is small (50cm) which would ideally suit somebody up to 5' 7".. I...
  16. Son Of Anarchy

    Experience of Genesis Tour De Fer?

    Hi I am weighing up the Tour De Fer as an option for a bike upgrade and wondered if anyone on the forum had any experience of these bikes, specifically the "30"? The bikes are like rocking horse poo at the moment but I have managed to find one in stock in my size and will likely move quickly...
  17. stoatsngroats

    Genesis CdA 2021 ordered, and waiting for an occasional commute 😀

    I’ve used my Cyclescheme certificate to purchase the above, recently released, with enough for a rack and mudguards. I’m excited to see what all the fuss is with Shimano grx, and to have to option of 16 mile each way commutes to look forward to. Not too sure about the Promax cable discs, but as...
  18. J

    NOW SOLD - Genesis Tour de Fer 10 (2016 model) medium size, colour Copper, flat handlebar bike for sale

    This is a touring bike from Genesis but could be used just as equally for commuting. I bought it from new and I’m the only owner. It has 27 gears (triple front chainset and 9 speed rear cassette) and the groupset is Shimano Acera. It has disc brakes, comes with mudguards and the tyres are...
  19. mythste

    Genesis Smithfield Bridge - Nexus Alfine 8 - Medium

    A beautiful, split top tube, hub-geared, steel do-it-all machine! This has been my partners bike and has not been ridden in ~6 months (She's become quite fond of my CdF instead!). Rather than let it sit gathering dust I'd love for it to find a loving home. It's had a curious life, I rescued it...
  20. wafter

    2020 Genesis Croix de Fer 30 Review...

    This thread is brought to you in association with OCD, anxiety and indecision. The road here has been shamefully long and tortured; although eased significantly by the input of those on Cycle Chat who have helped talk me through many of the issues, dilemmas and uncertainties that preceded the...
  21. fossala

    Genesis day one

    Having had my Genesis day one for a while now I had come to the conclusion it was too small. Even though this was the case I loved the ride. I’ve been keeping my eye out for a medium and one came up a month ago at a very good price. A trip to Bristol and I came back with yet another bike. While...
  22. wafter

    2016 Genesis Croix De Fer 20, Medium, Dunfirmline, £500

    On FB Marketplace. Were it not 300-odd miles away I'd probably have had this myself. Looks in great, barely-used nick; two paint defects or touched-up areas (?) on the frame notwithstanding. FWIW this is the first year the 20 got Tiagra 4700 with its nicer shifters and better general...
  23. wafter

    A Genesis Croix De Fer Thread

    I'm after one of these and am torn between the extremes of a cheaper, lower-spec, used example and a new higher-end model. I've whinged about this enough in other threads however, so no need to go over it again in this one too.. At first what's out there can be pretty confusing due to all the...
  24. wafter

    "Nearly New" 2018 Genesis Croix De Fer 30, XS, £640, Bolton

    Nowt to do with me, but found this earlier on Bikesoup. Sadly too small for me (and the XS frame size might be one reason for its price) but looks like a very good buy considering its apparent condition and spec (Reynolds 725 frame, 105 5800 groupset with full hydro disk brakes, £1800rrp when...
  25. CXRAndy

    Genesis Day One Crankset recall

    If you have a Day One, check the crank-set for these markings. Genesis are offering to replace FOC - probably due to poor quality reliability You might receive a similar letter from your supplier See attached PDF
  26. gbs

    Winter off road tyres for a Genesis Croix de Fer

    I had a very enjoyable half day in the New Forest recently. So, I am thinking of tyres with more tread and width for the cycling trails there. I have no plans for serious offroad adventures but some off road capability would be useful. With mudguards the bike will accept 28mm tyres and...
  27. TTSS

    Titanium Genesis Altitude Hard Tail Mountain Bike. 16".

    No longer for sale.
  28. S

    Genesis vagabond

    Anyone got a Genesis Vagabond? Im intrested in this machine as the reviews are excellent. Id be using the bike for light touring being a steel frame. Im wondering if you can fit 28mm tyres to the existing rims. Any advice welcome. Thanks
  29. D

    Genesis warranty

    Hi All Does anyone know anything about the warranty on a Genesis frame? I thought they had a lifetime warranty, but checking the website now, it says one year. Has this changed recently (and if so, when?) or have I got this wrong? Cheers Dave
  30. tom73

    Madison Genesis no more

    Madison Genesis team ending after this season. Shame to see another team going down.
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