1. C

    brompton new luggage 2016

    Hi:hello: I see brompton have changed all there luggage for 2016 all new material and design the mini o bags are £115 now:wacko: the c bag is all black in colour the gray flap is gone
  2. 12boy

    Brompton 1 speed and 2 speed chain tensioners

    Does anyone know if there is any difference other than flanged pulley wheels (2 speed) and unflanged (1 speed)? Except for the sliding flanged pulleys they seem identical, which would indicated that if pulleys were replaced on a 1 speed it would work for a 2 speed given that the other necessary...
  3. P

    Convert Brompton to Recumbent?

    My brompton doesn't get much use. Been thinking about selling it, but I have this crazy idea of turning it into a recumbent. It has the SA 8 speed upgrade and with it's rear suspension I think it would make a fun 'bent. I'm not worried about keeping the fold, so really just after brazing on a...
  4. Poacher

    Mysterious Brompton light!

    Mrs Poacher just announced that the rear light on her Brompton was on. Big deal, you say? Well, the thing is, her Brompton doesn't actually have a rear light, except for the superflash I installed at the top of the extended seat post, and it wasn't that. Turns out that what we'd thought was a...
  5. C

    3 speed vs 6 speed

    Hi:hello: 3 speed or 6? what gear set up do you use and why?
  6. C

    brompton race

    Hi:hello: has anyone entered a brompton race before? Looks fun day
  7. Fab Foodie

    Honking on yer Brompton - can you, do you?

    This comes from another thread where I mentioned that honking on a Brompton is nigh-on impossible. I was it seems soon put right by those who do and can. So I had another go when out this morning and whilst I can do it just about, it doesn't feel natural, advantageous or 'safe' , whereas...
  8. Fab Foodie

    Brompton M+ skittishness?

    Last weekend put M+ tyres F&R on the Brompton, replacing a pair of Brompton Kevlar tyres that were wearing a bit thin on the rear. On last weeks genteel ride noticed that the rear felt a bit squirmy on a couple of occasions. This morning on a shopping run on damp roads and paths have found the...
  9. C

    brompton seat posts

    Hi:hello: have any of you changed your brompton seat post? I feel I need to be sat up a bit higher on my brompton so I have bought the longer post to swap over. the only draw back is the saddle now will not push down so tight into the frame With it being longer. Anyone use the telescopic post...
  10. mustang1

    Brompton Black Edition advise

    My LBS has a black edition model in orange. Looking at the brompton site, I see the only colours available are lagoon blue, white, berry crush, lime green, black. What gives, how did they get an orange one? (No I didn't ask them at the time because I didn't know). Also, how much is a black...
  11. Fab Foodie

    Brompton Rear wheel removal (S6L) and 2x M+ fitted .... am feeling EPIC!

    Well now I know that removing the rear wheel is not that big an issue so no longer scary. Also know how to fit an M+ to a Brompton wheel. No sweat (OK, some swearing but I still have both thumbs). 2 Dragons slain and I feel EPIC!
  12. mustang1

    Replace brompton parts often?

    I know on a brompton the parts need replacing more often than on a larger bike. I researched rims and various drivetrain parts need replacing often but what is your experience in how long the various parts last?
  13. annedonnelly

    Brompton 15% off - should I stock up?

    I've got a voucher code for 15% off on the Brompton site. I don't want any of their gifts or clothing & I already have all the bags I need. I wonder if I should just stock up on consumables while I have the chance - a spare chain, maybe replacement handlebar grips. Any thoughts? I don't want to...
  14. Yellow Fang

    Brommie - slipping seat post

    I have a problem with my Brompton. The seat post keeps slipping. By the time I've cycled the three miles from the station to work, it has slipped about two inches. However, if I tighten the nut sufficiently to stop the slippage, I cannot fold and unfold the bike. Does this indicate some...
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