1. Mr Cotter Pin

    Brompton T5. How To Remove the FAG Bottom Bracket.

    Hello Everybody, RE: FAG, Germany, BSA.AA, 1.37"x, 24Tpi-, RH (This is what is stamped on the plastic cover) I have a Brompton T5 and want to remove the plastic covers (see picture below) that hold the bottom bracket. I'm not sure but think the correct tool to do so would be a Park BBT-4, is...
  2. Gunk

    For Sale 1995 Mk2 Brompton M3L - now Sold

    I’ve decided to thin my collection out. So I’m selling my fully restored and updated 1995 Mk2 Brompton. It started off as a T3 but is now in M3L spec with later 2009 onwards brakes and all the bits you would expect from a later bike. I’ve lavished a small fortune on this bike, it wants for...
  3. Andy in Germany

    Brompton Advice

    It looks likely that I'll have a new job from May/June this year, which is about 10 miles/15k away from here. It's a flat and generally traffic free 15k so I'm likely to cycle commute, but I would like an option for when I have to take the train on rainy or snowy days when I need to look...
  4. Tripster

    Brompton in window

    Walking up to hospital to meet wife today and take her some lunch. In the window at Leisure Lakes bikes where 2 Bromptons. A S6L superlight in House red and a Tempest blue one folded. Very surprised as never had stock on website for months and months and little stock anywhere in country. Think...
  5. X

    Brompton 2/3 speed hub on a any bike?

    Hi all, I am planning on having a bike frame built through a third party and have considered using a brompton hub or aftermarket. You will as ask why? I like the simplicity of 2 or 3 speed bikes without investing heavily on expensive setups. Unfortunately, the market likes to push toward more...
  6. mr_cellophane

    6 speed Brompton

    What is the optimum order to change gear ? Should I just change from 2/1 to 1/3 in one go ? or go from 2/2 to 1/2 and then 1/1 ?
  7. kj92

    Guess who's back, back again... BROMPTON SERVICING!

    Good morning / afternoon / evening readers 😊 So, I'm back with my 2019 B75 Brompton, and need to give it a lil TLC before I jump back onto it (hoping it'll be by the weekend) I neeD to buy the following - wheres the best to buy? - the sticker which protects the frame from the chain (is there a...
  8. jay clock

    Which bottom bracket for this Brompton?

    My neighbour has a Brompton and the bottom bracket has given up. Can someone advise what he needs to replace it with? I think I have the relevant tools, but if it looks like the one in the picture can someone advise what tool do I need for it? There only appear to be two different models...
  9. S

    Cambridge to Norwich Brompton - found

    Owner unknown
  10. macp

    New Brompton owner 6mth update

    I thought why not post a brief update of my ownership as its been 6mths now. First off i know Brompton strongly market their bikes. Some are suspicious and some feel they are over hyped and selling a lifestyle. But hand on heart this is the best bike I have ever owned. And boy im so pleased...
  11. macp

    Brompton 50T to 44T

    Just done the mod on my S3L as I was finding 3rd a little tall. Im so impressed with the modular engineering on this bike. I think this will be the icing on the cake of what I believe is the best bike I have ever owned.
  12. clid61

    Brompton Question

    I have recently bought a 6 speed . Is there any reason the derailure is virtually horizontal ? As other with less gears are virtually vertical
  13. FrankCrank

    Bargain Brompton.......!!!! Who'd a thunk it - seen it all now :laugh:
  14. Cycleops

    Packing Options for Flying with a Brompton.

    Came across this video which gives some useful packing tips. View:
  15. C

    Fitting new brake levers to an old Brompton

    Hi all. I've found that my bike has the old 'open clevis' brake cable couplings, and so I need to replace them for safety. Can anyone advise please whether there is any problem with fitting the newer/newest brake levers to an older P-type? Thanks
  16. Bee

    Brompton -- comfort orientated mods for all day riding

    Anyone else banging out long days on their Brompton? I wonder what comfort orientated modifications you have made? My own setup is as follows: 44T chainring -- yields a 29" bottom which is just about adequate for the terrain I ride... though I keep wondering about a Stronglight double and the...
  17. FolderBeholder

    Brompton telescopic seatpost ???

    Follwing the included printed installation instructions which came with the telescopic seatpost, they refer to removing the 2 o-rings which live beneath the PentaClip in order to remove the standard seatpost, but never re-visits installing them onto the telescopic seatpost despite detailed...
  18. Bee

    Brompton integrated 3-speed shifter

    Re: Brompton 2017 onwards integrated under-bar 3-speed shifter Hello fellow Bromptonauts, I've got a recurrent problem with Brompton 3-speed shifters... over time the amount of trigger rotation required to shift down (3 to 2, and 2 to 1) seems to have increased. This is more pronounced when...
  19. FolderBeholder

    Brompton on-line survey?

    I’m located in the US (you know, with the orange-colored President...) Wife and I just completed an on-line survey Brompton sent out this week, the gist of which is designed to either validate or reinforce their position as a premium, handcrafted product and solicit more free-form input. The...
  20. Cycleops

    Subscription Brompton Scheme to launch.

    From September you'll be ble to subscribe to access a Brompton for from £30 a month if you sign up for 12 months:
  21. kj92

    Bought a Brompton rear luggage rack, and cat steals an Easywheel.

    I wish it was one of my old little ones, but no... it's the new bigger easywheel that came to replace the smaller older ones. The little bastard doesn't know what a kerfuffle she's caused either. I called Brilliant Bikes to tell the tale, and to see if they can find a spare easywheel they can...
  22. S

    Replacing Brompton spider crank set.

    Hi I have a 2019 50T silver crank set i want to replace with a black one. There's not much on the web or youtube about under-taking this myself but it looks relatively easy. So a couple of questions: 1. Is changing the Brompton cranks set the same as changing any bike crank set and would i be...
  23. philepo

    Please convince me of M6L or M3L Brompton

    I'm not going to argue, would just appreciate some opinions: I did test ride a 6 and 3 speed. I preferred the range of the 6 as it's close to my 5 speed, but the double shifting was annoying (from a "this seems like a rather Heath Robinson solution)... but the 3 speed gaps in the ratios are a...
  24. philepo

    Brompton with 3 speed derailleur instead of hub?

    Hello all. I have a 5 speed hub Brompton that i am about to sell on ebay as prices for Bromptons are sky high at the moment. I will then order a new one when the demand falls back post covid. My question is should i buy 2 speed derailleur in order to convert to a 3 speed derailleur (i am in a...
  25. clid61

    Brompton chain ring

    I bought a second hand brompton start of the year(It's a 6 speed , the guy I bought it off raced the damn thing.). TBH not been out on it a great deal at present, due to lockdown etc. I'm a skinny bugger pushing 60 live on the edge of the Pennines. Needless to say I need a more sedate chainring...
  26. Cycleops

    Brompton stolen from health worker turns up in Indonesia.

    Disturbing story about a stolen Brompton:
  27. bikegang

    Brompton wins out in copyright case against Get2Get (Chedech)

    Interesting read. "A copyright infringement case brought by UK folding bike manufacturer Brompton against a South Korean bike maker has drawn to a conclusion in a landmark case that could have wider implications on copyright law. ..... " There are more direct copy one out there.
  28. rafiki

    Convert Brompton solid front axle to quick release?

    Is it possible? Has anyone managed to do this on a Brompton standard front wheel?
  29. U

    Folding bike (Brompton) mudflaps

    When riding behind somebody else's Brompton in wet weather, M6R to be specific, I could feel quite a bit of spray coming onto my face from that rider's rear wheel. The rear fender is on the short side and its mudflap is short. One reason for these sizes seems to be the interest in keeping the...
  30. thisonetimeyah

    Brompton left crank arm loose - do I just need a new bolt?

    The left crank arm came loose on my Brompton. I didn't ride on it loose so I have good hope I haven't damaged the spindle, crank arm or threads. I suspect it was a result of vibrations of lots of long commutes possibly added by it dropping once during Sunday's winds in London. I lost the black...
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